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Nigeria Politicians ‘Steal $6.7bn’ In 7 years

Nigeria Politicians ‘Steal $6.7bn’ In 7 years



Nigerian politicians allegedly stole $6.7bn (£5bn) in public funds in seven years, information minister Lai Mohammed said. State governors, ministers, business leaders, public officials and bankers diverted the money between 2006 and 2013, he told reporters in the capital, Abuja, AFP reports.

Several senior officials of Mr Jonathan’s government have been arrested in relation to the alleged diversion of $2bn meant to buy weapons to fight Boko Haram militants. They denied the accusations.

Last week, the president ordered 20 former military chiefs and officers to be investigated over alleged arms procurement fraud.

Mr Mohammed said tackling corruption was central to their administration but added that it involved everyone.

“This is Nigeria’s war… The situation is dire and the time to act is now,” he added.



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