Home Entertainment Gists My Outfit Does Not Make Me A Prostitute – Victoria Kimani Speaks
My Outfit Does Not Make Me A Prostitute – Victoria Kimani Speaks

My Outfit Does Not Make Me A Prostitute – Victoria Kimani Speaks



Chocolate City singer, Victoria Kimani, has been flipping through some news sites and front pages of various newspapers and she is not comfortable with the rate at which some females are being treated.

The singer though did not disclose what has going on around her, but warned that people should not just crucify a woman who is trying to make ends meet with a descent job.

Kimani stated that struggling in life to be the best she can be has made her lose friends and has made enemies with some yet she has been able to raise to a certain standard she can be proud of herself.

In her words, “People need to start respecting FEMALE entertainers , presenters, Actors, artists, Models, dancers, business women , PR, managers , PA’s, singers, stylists , DJ’s , designers and generally all positions in the Entertainment field in AFRICA. The amount of negativity, rumors, gossip, assumptions, judgement, hypocrisy, threats and over all EVIL EYE that is pointed towards these particular women is out of this world!

“NO!! Just because I’m a female doesn’t mean I work for free!! NO! Just because I’m a business woman with standards doesn’t make me a Bi$h. Yes, If I want to date someone that’s A. My business and B. Up to my better judgement on who I want to invite into my life. C. It’s complicated and NO, Just because I am singing to you in a cute outfit on stage and on your TV, does not make me a prostitute.

“There are too many People praying for me. For me to fall into the hands of the ENEMY so freely and easily. I work damn hard. I have been working on, dreaming about, planning for, building towards, sweating , crying, praying , waiting for, lost friends, faced loneliness, looked stupid, hated on, sabotaged, made mistakes , been under-rated and still raise up and be THE BADDEST. I respect me. I LOVE ME, I’m Extremely Proud of me and I respect YOU and Love you too. Respect the grind and go get yours too!”



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