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I’m Thankful For Grace To Live – Toke Makinwa

I’m Thankful For Grace To Live – Toke Makinwa



Radio/TV girl, Toke Makinwa has listed the things she is grateful for in her life. She took to social media on Tuesday to disclose that she was afraid to dream, but today thankful that she not only dreams but also achieves.

“Today I am thankful for so much but to top all of that, I am most thankful for the grace to LIVE. I used to be that girl that simply existed. I didn’t think much of achieving cos when you’ve been told so many times that nothing good will come out from you, the devil takes hold of your mind and you start to believe that lie. I was afraid to dream.

I was okay with little until God stepped in and turned it all around. It wasn’t easy, he asked me for the smallest thing, he asked that I have faith like a mustard seed, just small faith and for those who have always known God that can come easy. But for the broken, the confused, the lost ones it is the hardest thing ever.

To learn to trust a God you can’t see, to learn to let go knowing how many times you’ve been let down. To learn to believe that it’s in you even when you don’t see anything happening. Do I still get scared? Hell yeah!!!! The difference is my knowledge of him tells me his thoughts for me are GOOD. To give me a promised end, to prosper me.to give me a secure future, to help me live and achieve. So even in fear I know I’m good. What are you thankful for????”



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