Home Entertainment Gists Davido-Sophia Baby Saga: You Have No Right To Interfere- Ola Balogun Replies Dele Momodu
Davido-Sophia Baby Saga: You Have No Right To Interfere- Ola Balogun Replies Dele Momodu

Davido-Sophia Baby Saga: You Have No Right To Interfere- Ola Balogun Replies Dele Momodu


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Ola Balogun, a film maker has continued to probe Dele Momodu’s involvement in the child abduction saga between Davido and his babymama,Sophia Momodu..This comes after Momodu accused the filmmaker of a personal vendetta against him following an interview where Mr Olu condemned Dele’s involvement in the issue.

Feeling slighted, Balogun, in a fresh letter to The Nation, wants Momodu to come out clear on his suggestive statement, saying;
“I am not at all amused by Dele Momodu’s insinuation that I am somehow engaged in some kind of vendetta against him. I hereby challenge Mr. Dele Momodu to please publish for public consumption whatever he claims are “demands” that I supposedly addressed to him.”
Insisting that the Momodus have no right to demand being carried-along in the travel plans and purported treatment of the child, Imade, Balogon said:
 “I note that he has so far failed to produce any evidence that he or his wife has ever made any contribution in cash or kind to young Imade’s upkeep.
“The issue is what gives Mr. and Mrs Dele Momodu the right to intervene in the life of a child whose upbringing and welfare they have never been known to make any contribution to?
“Dele Momodu should please address this central issue and stop throwing around meaningless phrases like “family reconciliation”.“Who is reconciling who and for what purpose?”.
However, Balogun who, in a letter earlier written to The Nation, took sides with Davido after reading the artiste’s account of the incident . Momodu claimed that the filmmaker’s position on the matter was partial and made out of personal vendetta.
Momodu described Balogun’s input as a malicious attack on him and Sophia without caring to find out what led to the present debacle.
“I had the highest regards for Dr. Balogun and had always responded to his calls and text messages to my London line most times. I wish to apologise to him publicly if I have not been able to attend to his certain demands but it is regrettable that he would retaliate through this vengeful manner,”, “It is disheartening that while many well-meaning Nigerians have stepped in to intervene in the face-off between music superstar Mr. David Adeleke, aka Davido, and the mother of his baby Ms Sophia Momodu, my cousin, a senior citizen and film-maker, Dr Ola Balogun, has chosen to cast aspersions on me for reasons best known to both of us.”
 Momodu, publisher of Ovation magazine and Sophia’s uncle had told The Nation on Thursday that the two families, after a ‘marathon meeting’ have decided to ‘move forward ‘.


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