Home Entertainment Gists Cynthia Morgan Writes Lengthy Tribute, Reflects On How Far She’s Come | Read
Cynthia Morgan Writes Lengthy Tribute, Reflects On How Far She’s Come | Read

Cynthia Morgan Writes Lengthy Tribute, Reflects On How Far She’s Come | Read



Ace Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan on the back of winning the Best Reggae/dancehall single with her song “German Juice”, at the recently held “Headies Awards 2015” took to her instagram page to write a lengthy tribute, and ceasing the opportunity to reflect on her career and how far she has come.

Read what she wrote below;

“A Must Read…#Started from the bottom now we here:Once Again I want to say congrats to my fans again.like I said this award isn’t mine it is for you guys…Thankyou to each and everyone of you who has stuck around through all thick and thing.Beign just a female first in this industry is enough challenge to break you den I decided not to be a female I decided to be in-between.But in all these I have had the best fans.i remember people telling me “you no go sing Afro pop?they speak language wey people nor they hear dere?”Hunger Go Kill You”?but then when I remember the love my fans got for me I nor they see the hunger…all I saw was enough food and a greater believe for the future.And then I had a manger and boss @joytongo and @judeenges who so much believed in my sound and no care weda hunger go first beat us first before food plenty?And Today we are here.I want to say Thankyou to every Oap Who has ever slammed my records even without even knowing me in person.Thankyou to every Dj that always carry my matter on their head like say I don sort them millions,All the Alaba mixes and all? Special shout out to “DJ ikay”Ya’all might not know him but omg he has been real to me.he always picks my songs even before me ?and then what more can I say about the media and the veejays?or the Tv Houses that play my videos back to back…Ya’All made and helped put the “Star”in from of that “Star Gyal…I Love And appreciate you all.And to that artiste friend of mine who’s ever got my back Olamide Aka Badoo…He had seen all the star in the girl before alotta other people..he would post my new shit wen I no even send am?and when everyoda person is forming to not see it or even know me.he would tweet about me like he owe me something that sometimes I even wonder.(love you fam and Godbless you more than he has already done) @baddosneh.special shout out to one of my realest fans @adaora015 who Wud wake up everyday and go through every single one my post for the day and curse out every single person that throw jabs at me?I don’t know how she has the strength to do that Buh I respect her love for me…”I want to have lunch with you”Thankyou for the love?…#wediditwithoutafeature”.

She continued by writing, “at this stage of my career I just want to give Thanks…Thanks Thanks Thanks…Na small remain make i nor thank Tree?Ya’aal have just been amazing.Even thAnks to even the people wey no do anything for the matter…Godbless You all…#CM Nation Forever#Godblesstheheadies!!!#wediditwithoutafeature#Godoverall”




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