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Biafran: Kanu’s Approach Not The Way – Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Biafran: Kanu’s Approach Not The Way – Ohanaeze Ndigbo


OHANAEZE-NDIGBOThe leadership of the pan-Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has said the approach of the founder of Indigenous People of Biafra and executive director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, to the perceived marginalisation of Ndigbo is unacceptable.

Mr. Kanu, who used the platforms of IPOB and Radio Biafra to instigate the agitation of a sovereign state of Biafra, has been in detention since last October and is currently being tried by the federal government on treason charges.

The Secretary General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr. Joe Nwaorgu, who made the group’s position known on Thursday, said Kanu’s solutions to the alleged imbalance were not in consonance with the ideals of Ohanaeze, which believed that the problems could be resolved within the country and not through violence.

Nwaorgu, however, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to consider releasing Kanu unconditionally.

He also denied that the IPOB leader had issued an apology to Igbo leaders over his disparaging comments about them.

He said, “Kanu’s solution to the Biafran matter is different from ours and not acceptable to us. Kanu and the Ohanaeze Ndigbo are operating on different sides of the coin. He and the youths believe in going out to the streets to protest. Kanu’s despondency is much deeper than ours. I am not trying to justify his method but we demand his unconditional release”.

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo scribe also said they were dissatisfied with Buhari’s performance so far.

Nwaorgu noted that apart from the fight against corruption, the Buhari administration should try to entrench equity and justice.

He added, “For us that witnessed the civil war, our approach now is that Nigeria’s problems can be solved within Nigeria and by Nigerians. Ohanaeze will not support secession and violence. This is why we are agitating that the 8th National Assembly implements the confab report evolved during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan. This includes the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference. The National Assembly must not fail us.

“What we are fighting for in the present dispensation is that the wickedness of over 35 years after the civil war should be corrected”.

“Justice and equity must be the hallmarks of the new government. We maintain our stand that the confab report should be implemented”, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo scribe maintained.



  1. Just as the angel said to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary who went into the grave where Jesus was buried “Do not look for the living in the land of the dead”, I wish to tell you “Do not ask the dead about thing in the land of the living” or “Do not ask the dead about the things that pertain to the living”.
    These your so called Ohaneze you go out to ask questions about Biafra are already dead. So why go out to ask them questions? They are discussing with the grave, calculating the depth they want it to be, 6 feet, 10ft, or twelve.
    Mind you also that the bible also cautioned us not to go inquiring from the dead – read the book of Proverbs. So please don’t waste your time with these dead things you call Ohaneze. Go and ask the living, those who are alive and have a good time to spend here on earth.


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