Home News Politics $2.1b Arms Scam Probe: Buhari On Right Path, Says Igbo Political Group
$2.1b Arms Scam Probe: Buhari On Right Path, Says Igbo Political Group

$2.1b Arms Scam Probe: Buhari On Right Path, Says Igbo Political Group


president buhariAn Igbo political group which rooted for the election of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 presidential election has declared its support for the ongoing crackdown on those who allegedly benefitted from the sharing of $2.1 billion arms money during the administration of former president, Goodluck Jonathan.

The group made up of Igbo elites under the aegis of Igbos Diaspora Initiative for Buhari (IDIB), yesterday said that more than ever in the history of Nigeria, the country was at its lowest ebb in corruption with the revelations rocking the transactions in the arms vote under the leadership of Jonathan.

“It takes the worst Banana Republic ever imagined for a country’s leadership to be so relaxed for public monies to be so shared among both government officers and private persons. Nigeria was at its worst in the sewage of corruption with the revelations about how the arms funds were shared”, National Coordinator of the IDIB, David Nonso Ifeanyi Ezedinma, said on Sunday.

Mr. Ezedinma berated the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), which leadership has accused the Buhari administration of using the fight against corruption as guise to turn Nigeria into a one-party state, urging the administration not to be distracted by the claim.

“Professor Wole Soyinka did say that when you fight corruption, corruption fights back. Our president must remain focused and not derail or be distracted by the criticisms waged by the PDP. It is like looking back to throw stones at every dog that barks at you; you can’t continue with your journey. Buhari’s anti-corruption war is a journey of the soul of the country; he must remain determined to win this war. That way, more than 50 percent of the country’s problems would have been solved.

“If the PDP says the Naira is fast crashing down to more than N300 to a Dollar; they laid the foundation for this dip. If they say the economy is at its worst; President Buhari only inherited it. If fuel scarcity worsened; it is only a cumulative problem of an administration that lacked the clue and the political will to give this country a future. Buhari is leading a tomorrow’s administration; one which plan is to build the foundation upon which Nigeria will grow into a future’s country”, Ezedinma said.



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