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Waje Xmas Giveaway to 10 Lucky Fans

Waje Xmas Giveaway to 10 Lucky Fans


Popular songstress, Waje, is definitely in the Christmas mood and she wants to share that spirit with 10 lucky fans. To participate, fans are required to visit www.waje.global to fill a form stating what they want for Christmas. Entries close December 15th, 2015 and 10 lucky fans get their Christmas wish.





  1. Hi waje “I wish” is a song so dear to me it’s quite unfortunate I don’t have a Samsung phone with my ear piece to play it as I want. Please I need Samsung s5 as my Christmas gift.

  2. Goodevening waje and compliments of the season. All I wish for chriatmas is a toy motto car for my babygirl.

  3. I wish to have my own cosmetic shop even if is a small one, bc am a makeup artist. While I wait for my NYSC thanks, and God bless your career merry Christmas

  4. Hi waje…it will really be so nice getting a Christmas gift from 1 of ur favourite female artists. I wouldn’t ask for silver nor gold, or wot u can’t afford cuz am not in ur pocket. But anytin from u will be highly appreciated..and it will be an experience I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Tnx muchoooo

  5. Waje pls all I need is five thousand naira so I can send to my mum in delta state so she can use for Christmas. Here’s my phone number…08039707578 pls help.

  6. My school fees of next section by January. It’s 45thousand naira. God bless your generation waje. Merriment Of the Season

  7. Hi waje compliment of d season,ve been wanting to get a cake mixer since d beginning of d year bt I cudnt,i ll be very happy if you can give me as Christmas gift.thanks

  8. Hi Waje my name is Bola, I live in warri, Delta State am a makeup artist, my wish for this season is 1,to have all your makeup done by me 2,I seriously wish to have a canon camera or a small shop( shop rent not more than 7k per month)were I can be doing. My makeup business. I will be so jubilant if my wish can be granted.

  9. Compliments, I wish that you touch people’s life as much as you can this xmas mist especially the ones with trivial issues & possibly more than 10.

  10. Dear Waje,compliments of the season.What I need are cake mixer and a phone these are my most pressing needs.thank you and God bless ur career and grant u ur Hrt desires.

  11. hi waje complement of the season. thanks for this awesome opening I have 3 wishes 1. I need 200k to take care of my family. 2.pls I need a good phone. 3. I need a hometherter set. thank you so and God bless you as u make good of your promise.

  12. may God continue to bless you more for your kind gestures and the wonderful works you have been doing.in this glorious season that thing that u desire will come to pass because you have decided to help people.want I need from you is my school fees which is 75000# God bless you as you do so here is my phone number 08105531552.thanks sis

  13. compliment of the season ma.may God continue to bless the good works that you are doing.want I sincerely need from you is to pay my school fees which cost 75000 as u help me u will forever be blessed.thanks here is my phone number 08105531552

  14. Hi Mrs. Waje…. car I no want, money I no want. all I want is to get a job. I’ll be very happy if u can help me or give me referral. I studied office technology and Management. just concluded my NYSC program. thanks and God bless.

  15. dear Mrs Wake good morning.. I just wish for a job, I’m a graduate in linguistics and communication and have just completed my NYSC program… I am also creative in fashion designing; wouldn’t mind working in a fashion home… My birthday is on the 15 and desire to get a present from you. thank you.

  16. Gooday waje.am a fan of u,all what I need is just a phone(iphone 5)that’s my xmas wish from you.thanks And God bless you, as you harken to my request.These is my contacts(08067128726,07013724712.)Thanks waje.

  17. hi sister waje am a fan of you, I most say this ideas of yours giveaways is a splendid of given back to the community big up to you we love, well my birthday is around the conner 25th of this month I wish to get a new phone iPhone or bb10 and a job I don’t know if that is possible, never the less if my wishes come through negative or positive am still your loyal fan merry xmas to you

  18. Gdafternoon waje..All I want from you for the Xmas is money for foodstuffs for Xmas bcos there is no hope for now. God bless u. My number is 08165244272

  19. Season’s Greetings to you, Ma. With all due respect, I would love to have a Samsung Galaxy tablet for this Christmas, thanks. Merry Christmas.

  20. Gud day waje, it is a great priviledge 2 receive a gift from one of my favourite nd best celebrity…..Any XMAS gift would do as far it is coming frm u nd it is free will.
    TANX 4 UNDERSTANDING ND MERRY XMAS IN ADVANCE.pls call 08160468241 may God bless u

  21. Thanks for this platform,as a student of theatre arts 300 level i have always wished for a laptop to do my assignment at home.

  22. THANKS, for the opportunity Waje, I am student of 200-level Biological science, I want my school fee of the next semester. Please assist me and I will be glad.

  23. It only take a wise person to understand what giving back to the people means, and is hard to find a true giver who failed in his/her carrier, next year 2016 will be your greater year, your achivement next year will surprise you. Thank you very much for this great idea of giving back to your fans. I’ll be delighted and honored if i get a christmas gift from you which i’ve never been opportuned to get from celeb’s in my entire life. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge will be okay for me but meeting and having a dinner chat with you will be my greatest gift for me. May this season bring forth joy,peace favour and grace to you and your loved ones.

  24. Dear waje,
    Compliments of d season.thanks for this platform of making wishes come to pass.the fact is dat I am a mother of 3 kids and my husband is out of work and i am a trader.my 1st son is 9yrs who loves music and he repeated basic4.I promised him dat if he concentrates and passes his studies he will get a bicycle from me and his result for the term is out he passed with flying colors.i hav his report card as evidence.pls can u make it com true for him. So he knows he needs education to pursue his musical career.I have always been laughed at in d compound where I stay about my kids clothes.it either torn or worn out.pls if u can make all this happen I will b d happiest mother on planet earth.God bless u

  25. Dear waje,complement of the season to u and ur family. I want to use this platform as an oppurtunity to say #Ajobwelldone”,and also say to u that there’re so many undiscovered talented youths outthere who need ur generousity. For me here am an undergraduate and i have worked wit our local Dj’s and producers bt i stil need higher learning if possible frm any entertainment studio or rather start wit little bt most importants of instrument of my own.thank u for dis platform and d prevelage to say our minds. Merry christmax and a happy new year. DAUDA KADIRI.

  26. Hi Waje,I’m a medical student and all i want for Xmas is just a simple collaboration with you,i have a great voice but I always have this phobia too ?. Whether this works out or not, just know that you have someone right here who admires you a lot… Have a great Christmas

  27. Hello Waje. I live in kaduna and I love music and would love to go further in it. please my wish is for you is to get me an acoustic guitar. I would be so great full if you do. I would also love to do a collaboration with you. Thanks and have a great and wonderful Christmas

  28. With the recent crisis going in the country, I think IDP camp is the perfect to visit for this Christmas. sharing love,gift items and moral support will surely give them a reason and hope for tomorrow. Also with your influence as a celebrity, they will know that someone like you still care so much about them, it will encourage the young ones never to give up but to dream high…thanks

  29. My wish for this Christmas is finance to use in celebrating for my Family. I want to make them feel proud of me …….. 08028401531 ….. Thanks Waje merry christmas too…..

  30. My wish for this Christmas is finance to use in celebrating for my Family. I want to make them feel proud of me …..
    …. Thanks Waje merry Christmas too

  31. my greetings 2u miss waje, my wishes 4u, may God contiune been with you, and always covers you with his blanket throught out this year, and you shall see 2016 successful,may God be with you.

  32. Waje mama, d strong ever woman. I salute u o.. Pls my wish is to get a nice dinner gown n white shoe..plsssss. God bless u n ur household… I love u

  33. Gud afternoon wajeeeee… Pls my wish is to get 100k to help buy things for d poor n some widows i know in my area bcs they need to celebrate this xmas also.. 08038300048 call…. I wish u all d best in ur career..

  34. hy waje … pls I really need #50000 naira for my school fees… I’ll b very greatful if my wish is Granted … tnx

  35. dear waje, compliment of the season. I wish you more prosperity to grant my wish. My wish is a WACOM DIGITAL PEN for graphics illustrations. I will be grateful if my wish is granted. Thanks waje. You can check my instagram page @fadayopaul for some of my inspiring Artworks.. I love you. Merry Christmas in Advavance.

  36. Hi waje but i call you #wajelistic am your top fan a die heart fan. I have 3 wishes to make and i have faith that one of my wish will come to pass 1-I wish for a smartphone or a tablet so that i can use it to stream, watch and download your songs both audios and videos online, as my christmas gift from you 2- If possible i want you to visit my city Jalingo in Taraba State during christmas celebrations! 3- Or make me happy and make me feel that i’m your true fan, that will make me to do more by just calling me on 25 Dec and wish me happy christmas 07036606668. thanks season greetings from me to you.

  37. Hi waje all I want to xmas is makeup product cus I have this dream of a makeup artist but I gat no products to start with

  38. Dear aunty waje thanks for this opportunity but I don’t wish for much just a date with David adedeji adeleke. And an headset

  39. waje I would like to have some money to pay for my dad’s eye operation so that be can see very clearly. I hope am Lucky.

  40. Dear, waje all I really want for Christmas is a phone like an infinix hot note pls I will really appreciate it thank you

  41. Merry xmas to one of d strongest women in d showbiz. D fact u always give back makes me admire u a lot. Charisma and ur uniqueness gets me thinking. I need a thing or two but sm just gonna say more grease to ur elbow

  42. I want an outfit that represent the way u dress especially like d one on urr instagram page thanks 08147538221

  43. Hi Waje, God bless you and your house hold. All I want for Christmas is chairs for my sitting room, or a bedroom make over for the room I share with my hubby & son because we can’t afford it as we have to new our rent. Thanking you in anticipation.

  44. @officialwaje Happy Sunday ma Please I need #8000 for this xmas to buy somethings for Xmas Thank more Blessing may God continue to uplift u forward ever backward Never, Merry Xmas and Happy new year in Advance

  45. Compliments of the season ma..i just need a new phone…mine is old and misbehaving already..dats my xmas wish

  46. hello waje,compliment of the season ma……
    what I need for xmas is money for my school fees for next session.may God continue to bless u.amen

  47. Goodday ma

    All i want for Xmas is for you to pay for my endomitriosis operation,the pain is killing me.pls save me this Xmas i don’t need cash pls just pay for the treatment.God will highly bless you ma.

  48. hi waje, I am one of ur loyal fan all I want for Christmas is five thousand naira…….I will be greatfull if my wish is granted…….tanks waje


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