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Video of Charlie Sheen Performing Oral S.ex on a Man Surfaces Online

Video of Charlie Sheen Performing Oral S.ex on a Man Surfaces Online



A video of Charlie Sheen performing oral s*x on another man in 2011 has surfaced online following revelation of his HIV-positive status. According to Radar Online, there are at least three videos recording the act.

In a video which lasted about 30 seconds, the former “Two and a Half Men” actor smoked cocaine and performed fellatio on his male partner. When Charlie was high, he pleasured his male companion with a hardcore s*x act. A source told the news outlet that the video was taken in a hotel in Nevada.

According to the news outlet, the video was previously at the center of a $20 million lawsuit. Charlie was accused of spreading s*x-transmitted diseases as he didn’t tell his s*x partner prior to the s*x act that he had the diseases. The actor “entered into a nefarious plot designed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires” and told the man he had “no venereal diseases.” The two then engaged in unprotected intercourse.

However, the actor later settled the case for millions of dollars, according to a source. “Charlie had his team buy it off the market and settle the lawsuit because he and his camp believed it could destroy his life if it ever got out,” said the source.

Responding to the report, the attorney in the lawsuit told the news outlet, “The alleged video that you purportedly reviewed has nothing to do with the above referenced lawsuit which was filed and subsequently dismissed more than five years ago.”

The lawyer also made it clear that there’s only one video, not three. “Though there was video evidence involved in the aforementioned case, that video evidence did not come close to portraying what you have described,” he said in a statement. “Furthermore there was but one copy of that case related video evidence. That sole copy of the video evidence was irretrievably destroyed.”



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