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Tony One Week Mourns Dede-One-Day

Tony One Week Mourns Dede-One-Day



Nollywood actor, musician and politician, Tony One Week, is yet to come to terms with the sudden death of a fellow comic actor, Dede-One-Day.

The news shocked Tony, who pondered on how he and the deceased actor had discussed about having a promising career while they worked together.

According to Tony, “Got the sad news of your demise from Steve Ajebo Eboh yesterday. When I cast you in my movie Oke Ochicho, we both agreed that it was the stepping stone to bigger roles and so it was. Your career in movie had begun.

“You also excelled so very well in stand-up comedy in your peculiar Aba (York) style. Your unique voice separated you from other comedians, some of whom even started copying you. You were an audience’s delight as emcee at events. you were doing so well my brother.

“Why die now? They said you slumped while doing your business of making people laugh. And I ask ‘why would an instrument of joy be rewarded with sadness?’ You were hypertensive they said, but I am like ‘is laughter no longer the cure for high BP?’ Chai.”





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