Home Adult Talks Please Advise Me, My Boyfriend Has Been Demanding The Most Unbelievable Thing..
Please Advise Me, My Boyfriend Has Been Demanding The Most Unbelievable Thing..

Please Advise Me, My Boyfriend Has Been Demanding The Most Unbelievable Thing..



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Hi NGTrends Readers,

Please I want to know if this is normal or any woman has experienced it before? My boyfriend has been demanding the most unbelievable thing from me these past months. He wants to be licking my private area when am on my period. I first thought he was joking then he got angry and said am judging him, that his ex allowed him to do it. Because I love him, I allowed him a few times, but I used pillow to cover my face because I was shy and didn’t want to see the blood. I know he won’t see this because he is an older guy and not an online person, but I am now scared because he counts my cycle every month and am thinking it’s spiritual. Please help me ask people if it’s normal because now I am really getting uncomfortable with this incredible act. Please what should I do? He is very nice to me though and gentlemanly and I really love him.




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  1. Omg dis is a terrible act,apart frm d spiritual aspect it’s totally unhealthy it’s dirty blood for God’s sake. I think dis is vry abnormal nd u shld pray hard against d forces of darkness tell him hw u really feel abt d act nd if he still gets angry leave d guy cz I dnt see hw taking blood is a form of pleasure biko!

  2. Swty it’s not normal u even have to stop it. If he loves u.he’ll understand by if there is more to it he’ll react differently u also have to be prayerful cos it’s far from normal kk

  3. For me the act look diabolical and could have spiritual implication, will advice u tell him to stop d act or quit the relationship

  4. This is absolutely disgusting….
    That lady needs to go for deliverance as a lot has been taken off her spiritually.
    When I mean deliverance, I mean serious one in a true church….

  5. I have heard of another guy who demands Same from the wife. I sense I diabolical undertone to it. My advice is to leave him now that guys arent married cos I bet U He isnt gonna stop demandant. It will be painful but it will be worthwhile longterm

  6. The act is not normal. It is diabolical and that is the more reason why he get angry each time you say no. You shouldn’t have let him do it at all. I advise you discontinue the act immediately and go for deliverance because what he has been licking is the “weeping ovum” that didn’t get fertilized. It is well with you.

  7. This is odikwa rubbish,very disgustinglydisgusting,sickening,and unhealthy.Take time to investigate him very well,it MUST have a spiritual backing.My dear,you nerd to stop with immediate alacrity n urgency.

  8. Aunt even you should know it’s not normal. he’s a ritualistic he even counts days of your period and you think he doesn’t mean business. If you want to live a happy life either short or long leave the bast are NOW.

  9. Only God knows the type of sacrifice the guy is using ur menstrual flow for but have asked about the where about of his ex may b dead or alive? If he is not nice to u hw will he get wat he wanted from u? Babe u r been used as a sacrifice of ritual.

  10. Dear dat so so abnormal please either stop him or leave the relationship and also go for prayers cos lot might have been collected from u

  11. You should know dat that guy is a ritualist,a devilish person: you are his sacrificial lamb: by d way y would u be have sexual relationship wen u are not married.u better repent and stop every form of sin and come to Jesus.one minute enjoyment is not worth it o.

  12. Well i will advice u to stp it nw, quit d relationship nd go for deliverance cus no normal guy with his right senses will do dat……. xo for sumone to do dat den its nt normal..

  13. Hmmm my dear run ooo,u are seeking advice? Abi he has even jazzed u to allowing him.go and seek spiritiul hel sharply sharply.

  14. This is fucking crazy. I can never allow him ve sex with me on my period not to talk of lickin d shit… pls my dear, run for ur life since he’s still a boifriend. Even if he’s ur husband. The Lord is ur strength

  15. He needs a psychiatric evaluation! It may just be some disorder he will get over with good counseling. You have to observe him closely to see if there are other things that suggests otherwise though. You have to put a stop to your sexual relations with him till he gets help

  16. Just Leave That Guy. And You In person Repeat Or You Face The Consequences Of The Evil Act. Why Would You Allow Such Request Initially. Well. Jesus Is Just The Solution..

  17. Your boyfriend is a ritualist period, he has bn doing that with his girlfriends, he won’t get married bcos he can only fulfill his evil dids with short time relationships. He does that for sacrificial purpose. Moreover, he won’t marry you cos he has drained your fertility for his ritual interests.Likewise, leave en don’t forget to be Delivered from demonic inciation. Demons dwell in disgusting acts. Be advised en stay blessed!

  18. Biblically if a man sexes a woman dats in her menstrual period, calamity and badluck always follows d woman,can’t rily remember d verse it
    Is in d bible,then medically u’l notice dat if a man releases on u during ur menstruation period,u might see some forms of boil on ur lap or other places,so sex during menstruation is very bad

  19. I’m a guy and to suck a woman private part is not a good idea for me but there was a time my ex-girlfriend was demanding that she enjoys it alot. I did it for d love I had for her but I never did it wen she was on her flow, she won’t even asked me to do it a week after her flow. I don’t believe in superstitions but I definitely believe ur so called boyfriend is a ritualist and his taking something from you(maybe ur future children) but all I know is dat his doing it for something and he won’t marry u at d end, after taking all from u he will definitely dump u and will get married to someone else bcus he has finish taking all from u. ples forget him and his money and meet a strong man of God for a deliverance now u still have d chance

  20. Most of us do things more dangerous to what this man and this woman is doing in one way or the other in our life and activities so why condemning her by some of us rather than given her the advise she seek for .pls my dear put an end the relationship and go for deliverance at once.

  21. My dear poster I feel this isn’t right it feels disgusting and diabolical, we certainly can’t call this a sexual fetish it’s just unheard of

  22. That guy is not pure,there is something behind that. No black man wana click pussy full off blood, go to apostle Johnson suleman, for deliverance

  23. My sister for goodness sake run. That is not love. What is wrong is wrong. If he really loves you he won’t bring what his ex does for you to continue. if possible change your number when leaving him.

  24. That must be the same reason his ex left him, perhaps he dumped her as soon as he’s through with her. I’ll advice you go for a spiritual healing, may God help us all.

  25. Mehn!goin tru ur write up makes me wana puke!hw on earth wil sm1 lick a lady up,wen she’s on. My dear,look 4 borris,tie it 2 ur leg,n runnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


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