Home Adult Talks Please Advise Me, I’m Worried That I’ll Be Unfaithful Again.
Please Advise Me, I’m Worried That I’ll Be Unfaithful Again.

Please Advise Me, I’m Worried That I’ll Be Unfaithful Again.


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Hi NGTrends Readers,

My boyfriend is loving and fit and he’s brilliant in bed. I doubt he would love me as much if he knew that I’d slept with his brother and then I had s.ex with his dad. I’m 23 and I work for an insurance broker. I look prim at work but there’s really a wild girl inside. Se.x is a really big thing in my life but I’ve always struggled with relationships. I get bored with most guys pretty quickly. Then I met my boyfriend and he’s something else. He’s 25 and a builder. He’s gorgeous, brilliant to talk to and fit in the bedroom as well. He knows just what to do to keep the se.x fizzing and hot. Then I met his brother. It was at a friend’s party and the alcohol was flowing fast. He’s two years older than my boyfriend and looks a lot like him, just a little bit taller and wider.
My boyfriend got bored and went home. He left me behind with his bro. We were soon flirting like mad and I wondered if he was a god in the bedroom as well. Only one way to find out! I led him upstairs and we found somewhere quiet. We were at it like rabbits as soon as we fell on the bed. It was only a quickie but he was up there with the best that I’ve had. As soon as we’d finished the guilt hit me hard. I said we were drunk and that it never should have happened. He agreed and we left it at that. I put it out of my mind.
Then I met his dad. He’s 52 and a widower. He looks like his sons. As soon as I saw him I couldn’t help wondering maybe it wasn’t just the blue smiley eyes that this family shared. I wanted to try him in bed.
My boyfriend took me to visit his dad for his birthday. We went out for a meal and then we went back to his house for a drink. By the end of the night I was aching for him.
My boyfriend had had a bit too much to drink and went off to bed. I stayed downstairs with his dad.
In the end he picked up on my hints and I got what I wanted at last. Yes, it was awesome but so was the guilt that came next. I made my excuses and joined my boyfriend in bed. We kissed and he said that he loved me.
My boyfriend is really the man of my dreams. I know that I’ll love him forever but I’m scared he’ll find out what I did. And I’m worried that I’ll be unfaithful again.


I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. What you need is deliverance not advice. You are possesed with the demonic spirit of prostitution, that’s why no one man can satisfy you. Leave that family alone, you ave already stained them with your evil spirit of lust. Find a powerful man of God to assist you to repentance

  2. You biatch,u need to be tied to a pole n stoned to death.What kind of morals will u give your unborn kids if you are lucky to have them?As above,u need to c pastor Olukoya for deliverance.

  3. This is difficult. Well I will say that you should try to maintain your desire for men in all possible ways, maybe by trying to be at the site of your boyfriend all the time. I will also like to advice you to limit the amount of alcoholic drinks you take which can lead to embarassing moments. You can try and marry your boyfriend that’s if their family will agree after all this act and maybe your boyfriend may find out and forgive you if he really don’t wanna lose you.

  4. Girl every1 needs a second chance but u went to d extreme here. You don’t need to cheat again but if it has to happen do it elsewhere. You can call for more advice 08062463424 Tamuno.

  5. You are a whore… a very cheap one at that. indeed you need a deliverance cus one day you might as well aches your Dads own, better still your brothers.

  6. You mess your self up girl, if your boy fined out he is gonna throw u out like punching bag, so u better fined your way out of the family, because it a shame on u…u slept with his brother and dad same family..don’t u think if ur boy friend fined out without u finding ur way he can even kill u..u need more advice though from me..call me I will tell u what to do…07051910402

  7. no be small delivrance oooo but big tym one n u v to belive in urself first.n u better tell before he proposes marriage to u.if he still remain den u r dem luck n u v his love.let him stop leaving u wit men alone.

  8. Millineum babe’s….u can s..x anything as far as u crave for it that u can’t seems to even do it outside ur bf family..u need deliverance fro m TB Joshua. N dnt think of marrying that guy cause dat will spell doom for u


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