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Please Advise Me, I Am Losing My Fiance…

Please Advise Me, I Am Losing My Fiance…



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Hi NGTrends Readers,

My fiance and I have been together for a year and a half. We are to be getting married in the next couple months, but I am on the verge of losing him and I’m not sure what do to. I love him more than anything and all I want is to be with him. It is mainly my fault and I’ve realized that, I have mood swings and I’m not a very patient person. I have suggested we try premarital counseling but he doesn’t seem to thrilled with the idea. He is just ready to give up, but I know we have a great relationship outside of my mood swings(and I am working very hard to control this and seeking help). I know this is worth fighting for, how do I get him to see that?? Please anyone with any advice?



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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