Home Adult Talks Please Advise Me, I Am In A Big Problem Because Of My B.uttocks…
Please Advise Me, I Am In A Big Problem Because Of My B.uttocks…

Please Advise Me, I Am In A Big Problem Because Of My B.uttocks…


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Hi NGTrends Readers,

Please dont publish my name. I need your help. I am from a family that has genetically endowed me on the b.oobs and has seriously left me wanting on the backside. my mum is like that and indeed my 2 older sisters. I started wearing hip and butt pad last year and the result has beenand the result has been overwhelming.

The number of guys who toast me has tripled and i am enjoying the whole show. My problem now is this new guy that i met around January this year. He is all i want in a guy and he loves me too but i am worried. He seem to be obsessed with my butt.

We are yet to get intim.ate but he cant stop talking about how my butt gives him er.ections and stuff like that. His obsession and his constant referals to my curvy behind is actually beginning to bother me. I am scared that he will be disappointed if he finds out that i am not really that endowed.

I have intentionally resisted any situation that will warrant my getting na.ked around him or any attempt to sleep over, s.ex or no se.x. I am sad. I wish i had not worn that stuff at all but i wonder if he would have noticed me if i didnt start wearing one. After all he has been in my department for almost a year and never noticed me until my romance with the padded undies.

I am thinking of confessing to him so as to cushion his shock because honestly, i dont know how long i can hold on refusing him when all my heart actually yearns is his arms around me all day long. Please how do i handle this because i honestly cannot lose him. He is my world. Please help me with ideas.



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. jst sit him down wen he is in a happy nd tell him every frm d beginning nd also plead for forgiveness i believe dat he will forgive u.

  2. Lmfao…forgiveness indeed..i thnk u shld stop wearing it nd go see him ur normal self..nd see aw he reacts dats if he is gonna notice anyway..nd if he doesn’t, m sure he will get used to seeing u dat way nd won’t even notice d obvious change,nd I thnk he shld lik u for who u are nd how u were created..if he doesn’t den m sorry to say..its going to b one sided on ur part…nd m sure u don’t wanna cope wiv dat…

  3. Young lady… you just said he keeps talking about your butt and how it turns him on. What a guy!. The chances of u loosing him is high now cos surely he would have 2know. At least u owe him that.
    He could refuse u. He could say shits about u, but hello missy it’s possible he won’t really get vexed n like u 4opening up to him.
    Pic out a day. Go out with him and den chill a bit in his house. Then you tell him. N please please. Dont have that “too much begging face”.
    I’m not saying u shouldn’t b remorseful 4putting him on a “bootylicious cruise” lol. But Uv also gat 2have a bit of pride cos if he leaves, yu didnt lose any oda tin xcept him. So deary stay cool n don’t b all sympathetic else u would b taken for granted. I wish u well missy

  4. My thoughts-

    Firstly, I believe we all should be comfortable in our skin, we should accept how God created us. Self esteem is paramount in this world that we are. If you notice, most women with big boobs have a flat butt and we have a lot of them that are married. That means, there are guys who dont really mind the flat butt.

    Secondly, you really have no choice but to tell him. If he finds out on his own, its going to be a rude shock! Please, sit him down and let him onow this part of you. No excessive begging as someone earlier commented. He is not doing you a favour by dating or marrying you. No! If he cant look past the structure to find out the real you and fall in love with the real you…then please, leave the relationship.
    My two cents

  5. If u r not comfortable with these suggestions,u can go 4 an hips/butt enlargement(no side effect) cos its in form of a massage,its just 5k,u can pay after seeing result.

  6. Tell him with a smile whenever he brings up the topic of your butt…. this butt you’re always talking about self, is not all mine…. that does he know you wear pads… were his expression. he’ll definitely know one day and his action will be the same = leaving you or staying.


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