Home Entertainment Gists Please Advice Me, Will I Ever Stop Craving For His Touch?
Please Advice Me, Will I Ever Stop Craving For His Touch?

Please Advice Me, Will I Ever Stop Craving For His Touch?


HER feelings

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Hi NGTrends Readers,
I had the best s.ex of my life with my landlord – and it’s making me wonder whether I can marry my fiancé.
I am 25 and my boss is 78. I got off with him at our compound. I knew he liked me – we’d been flirting for weeks. One Night We started chatting, then kissing, and we were all over one another. We had the most amazing night of s.ex ever. I have had good se.x before but this was something else. I know nothing will come of it, as he’s married and he wife is very goood to me …. but it’s making me think seriously whether I can stay with my fiancé.
He is 23, a lovely guy, kind and thoughtful, but he is very small s.exually compared to other guys I’ve slept with. He doesn’t have any hang-ups about it so I don’t say anything which might upset him.
When we make love there is no foreplay, and it’s all over within minutes. It is not pleasurable for me and I never think, “Wow, that was fantastic.” He is pressing on with arranging our wedding but I can’t get up any enthusiasm. I don’t even know if I can stay faithful, though I know he’d be a great husband. I love my fiancé but I also love good se.x and he bores me in bed.Should I stay and just deal with being unsatisfied, or drop him because of my craving for better se.x with my landlord ?



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Have you told your fiance how you feel about the sex? If he does nothing to improve you can subtly reduce the sweet things you do to him in bed and when he asks why it’s no longer like before you can tell him that’s how he’s been making you feel. And if he’s proven to be a good choice of husband don’t lose out because good sex with someone else’s husband is turning your head. The man is old enough to be your daddy, so keep it as a sweet memory (note I said memory not regular behind the scenes parole), and go on with your own marriage. And please don’t just go and confess in the name of clearing conscience, it will only cause unnecessary heartache and quarrel. Bless. From woman to woman.

  2. Wow! This is simple. I’m a lady as well and I love great sex too. I know you and ur man love each other very well. Truth is it is not about the size of the weapon dear, but about the destruction that little weapon can cause. As such destruction comes with knowledge and experience to cause real damage. So if he doesn’t possess those qualities, run dear. If u settle with him, I can assure u one thing, u will definitely cheat and that may end ur dream come true marriage. There is no school For that. No foreplay gosh what is that. Just jump in and out. Hell NO! Love making is done wt someone u trully care about and love. Sex is different. Foreplay is the essential spice to start off love making btw lovers. Leave your landlord alone cos his great sex won’t stop him from increasing and collecting his rent as at when due. Such memory should follow you to your grave. Hope you make the right decision. Take care.

  3. OK,my advice to you is very simple. talk to your nigga about his flaws in bed,I know that can be difficult but its better because your landlord is married and will only have you for fun….. make a good choice

  4. I tink u rada let ur fiance knw he is nt up to ur taste on bed, den d both of u will find a way for him to b wat u need on bed. Ur lanlord’s wife is good to u o, she too dae enjoy dt dogo yaro wey u dae tink abt, nd she fit kill o, instead of loosing ur life, find
    a way wit ur fiance to b up to it. Tnx.

  5. You are not serious. You are engaged and you are still sleeping with your landlord. You are an embarrassment to women.

  6. Dearie, I can understand ur plight wt ur fiancé not being able to satisfy ur sexual needs cos I’m in one right now, I can also understand u sleeping wt ur landlord, forget those saying u are an embarrassment to women cos they even do d worst, I av come to realise that in dis life no marriage is built on any perfect foundation, they all have their shortcomings, so don’t leave a very nice guy because of his sexual inadequacy, he might learn if u talk it over wt him. If u choose to leave cos of dat, u don’t know who u will meet next, that’s a sincere advice from a lady to a lady.. good luck. N pls….. no landlord again oo, he is someone’s father, husband n whatever, it’s more understandable wt a single guy buh wt an old man, dearie I won’t side u in a second time.. have a nice day

  7. A man of 78yrs, it’s expected that is sex power shud av reduced…..Are u sure the man didn’t take viagra or something…. U and ur guy shud gi to the hospital or see a specialist….Mind u in life, u can’t always have it all… it’s so unfortunate….

  8. Hmmm! It’s an interesting story that can happen to anyone. One thing is this, try and talk things over with your fiancé. Let him realize that without it, you are not as complete as you should and let him also realize that it’s an ingredient that will spice up your marriage. Pls don’t be shy or coy in telling him everything because this is the man you are spending the rest of your life with. And a for your issue with your landlord, please try to “let go” as this can cause serious issue for both you and him


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