Home General MUST READ: Letter Of Advice To Our Leaders (By Folarin Olanrewaju)
MUST READ: Letter Of Advice To Our Leaders (By Folarin Olanrewaju)

MUST READ: Letter Of Advice To Our Leaders (By Folarin Olanrewaju)



Good day everybody, I am Folarin Olanrewaju M, a graduate from the university of Ilorin, department of statistics, currently a member Of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

I just want to give a piece of advice to all our leaders starting from Mr. President, Vice president, members of the senate, members house of Representatives, the ministers, the Governors down to the local government chairmen’s concerning the increase in the rate of unemployment and poverty that is given our dear country a tough time.

Unemployment and poverty in Nigeria is increasing drastically every year and this is a very big challenge to the government, and this present administration has promised to curb it, but let me ask how?
This administration has assured Nigerians that it will not renege on its campaign promise to pay #5000 (five thousand naira) each to 25 million vulnerable Nigerians which amount to about 1.25 trillion naira Which is enough to invest in programs that will help to reduce unemployment and poverty which will also improves the country’s economy.

Now to the main issue, if the Government really want to reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty in the country, VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS, AGRICULTURE and SPORTS are the keys to achieve it.

Firstly, if vocational schools are available all over the 36 states of the federation and FCT such that youths are able to learn different skills like shoe and bag making, tie and die, agro allied, furniture works, bead making, catering service, laundry, tailoring, plumbing works and so on to mention few and before the end of the training, the government should have provide factories and government owned companies in different fields across the country I.e. shoe and bag making factories and so on for all the fields provided in the vocational schools and employ at least 50% of the vocational school graduates, also the Government should give interest free loans to the rest of the vocational school graduates to start their own businesses thereby becoming an employer of labour themselves, and creating employment opportunities .

By this the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) will have their way and Improves our economy by increasing exportations and reduces importations because most of the products that are imported into the country before will now be produced here.

       Secondly, God has really blessed this country with different natural resources and even fertile land for Agriculture purposes i.e. planting of crops and rearing of different animals. This country depends mainly on agriculture to survive before the petroleum was discovered in some part of the country, but now my great country is importing foods like rice and many more that can be planted and processed here in Nigeria from foreign countries even some minor things that can be produced here in Nigeria like shoes, bags and many more are also imported from different countries of the world; now If government invest more in Agriculture, foods will be cheap and surplus and we will now have enough food to feed the nation and export to other countries, also this will attract foreign investors from different countries of the world, and the issue of unemployment and poverty will be reduced drastically.

    Lastly, sports is also a sector that can provide thousands of employment for youths; Nigeria is so blessed that every youth has one or more inbuilt talent, but the problem is there is nobody to help and also the government is not helping the matter at all, for example we have many football players here in Nigeria that are better off than the foreign players we use our hard earned money to watch in viewing centers; Now if Nigerian government invest more in sports like Football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, gymnastic, table tennis, lawn tennis, golf, sprint(I.e. cycling, swimming etc.) and so on, it will provide thousands of employment opportunities for the youths in the country and in the other hand reduces poverty.

       In conclusion, if our leaders really want to reduce the rate of youth unemployment and poverty in the country they should invest more in VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS, AGRICULTURE and SPORTS instead of given vulnerable Nigerians five thousand naira (#5000) that cannot feed them for one month. All we want is a BRIGHTER FUTURE and a BETTER NIGERIA.
“The youths are not “USELESS” just that we are “USED LESS””
God bless me, God bless you, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria (amen) Thank you.



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