Home News Weird News Lady Whose Fiancé Yanked Out Her Tooth With Pliers, Releases Horrific Image
Lady Whose Fiancé Yanked Out Her Tooth With Pliers, Releases Horrific Image

Lady Whose Fiancé Yanked Out Her Tooth With Pliers, Releases Horrific Image


Donald-Tooth-Pliers-AmberA mum who endured years of domestic violence and abuse in the hands of her fiancé, Donald Jeffrey, has released heart-wrenching images of the damage done to her dentition as a result of forceful removal of her tooth with pliers.

According to the lady simply identified as Amber, several of her frontal upper tooth were yanked out using pliers by the man she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with.

In statements released by the Daily Record, Donald Jeffrey wrote to Amber weeks before his trial, begging her to withdraw her accusations and “give him back his life”.

Recounting the horror she was made to endure, Amber said: “I made two comments on two images I had seen on a Facebook page called ‘Glasgow Banter’ – one I sent to Donald and he sent back a thumbs up. Later we were lying on the couch when he snapped and told me to, ‘Get the f*****g pliers.’ I handed him the pliers as I was too scared of what he would do if I didn’t and I begged him not to do it. I knew if it wasn’t my teeth, it could be my fingernails or toenails.

“He didn’t need to tell me what to do, I opened my mouth and he clamped the pliers on to each front tooth and yanked them out. I couldn’t feel any pain, I was numb. I could hear my teeth falling onto the wooden floor.

“Then he took me to the bathroom mirror and laughed at me. He told me to ‘show him a smile’.

“Donald then got a claw hammer and hit me on the head, legs and knees. There was blood on the ceiling and walls and I later found out I suffered a slight brain hemorrhage. Then he told me to get in a cold bath and put my head under the water four times”.

Amber claims while putting her head under water for the third time, Donald jumped on top of her in apparent bid to keep her submerged at which point she thought to herself, “I’m going to die”.

She noted that after it was over, he was crying for his mum and kept muttering that he had ruined their relationship.

“I tried to reassure him he hadn’t and said a dentist could fix my teeth. Then I asked to go to hospital, but instead, his friend picked me up and dropped me off on Sauchiehall Street where I went to Boots the Chemist”, Amber narrated.

While at the Chemist, she lied that she had been in an accident so as not to get Donald in trouble with the law and it wasn’t till the following day that a friend came around and took her to the hospital.

Still recounting her ordeal, Amber said in March 2013, Donald raped and beat her and also threw dumbbells on her.

Amber said: “I left him and went to stay with a friend, but I found out he was listening into our conversations in the flat through the neighbour’s walls and was even up in the loft.

“He finally asked to come and see me to try and have some kind of closure so I allowed him in since he knew where I was anyway.

“A few days later he grabbed me and I was clinging to the door frames as he opened the window of the 17th-floor flat and threatened to throw me out.

“Another time he came in and asked if I’d rather a ‘doing’ or a headlock? I picked headlock and fell unconscious. When I woke he had ripped up black bin bags.

“He told me to lie on them and said I had to keep my hands in my pockets. Then he dropped dumbbells on to me”.




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