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Jesus Christ Is The Greatest Scam In World History – Nigerian Transgender Stephanie

Jesus Christ Is The Greatest Scam In World History – Nigerian Transgender Stephanie



With Christmas fast approaching and Christians all over the world getting set to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Nigerian transgender, Stephanie Rose, an avowed God-hater, has some words for the Son of God, saying he was the greatest scam the world has ever known.

Rose who claims she has written a book entitled ‘No One Goes To Heaven Because No One Goes To Hell’, where she says there is no heaven nor hell, has been using her social media pages to disclaim God and His son, severally.

She also said that the idea that Jesus walked on water was a very big lie as no such event took place.

This time, she has taken to her Facebook page to write this:

“Jesus Christ remains the greatest scam in World history. No man/god of such personality ever lived or walked the surface of this earth!

No Man /god called Jesus ever lived on the surface of this earth. The name Jesus Christ was created at the Council of Nicea at the re-edition of the present day bible! Jesus Christ is a fictional Character not a true life story.

JESUS WALKED ON WATER IS A FABLE! The entire Man/god story is a fiction and myth. No such ‘guy’ like this ever existed or walked the face of this earth.

If Jesus walked on Water is a fable (considering the outright impossibility of a human capacity walking on water as if by dry land) we can deduce that the whole Man/god story is a myth.

Yahweh never became Jesus and Jesus was never Yahweh. The fictional recount of Jesus Christ is a retelling of the mythology of other Man/gods that predated him like Horus, Mithiras, Dionysus, Krishna and Attis!

All Man/gods had similar tales like walking on Water, born of a Virgin, born on the same birthday, died for three days and resurrected! None of them including Jesus Christ existed, all Man/gods were simply fictional Characters.

Even the God it self is a fraudster… A God that inspires such untrue Man/god stories is a wicked DEVIL and father of all lies! It is all a SCAM and untrue story.

Jesus Christ is a myth, there is no Saviour any where and that explains why terrible things happen to people in this World and the position of EVIL is unchecked because the same God functions in this EVIL CAPACITY. Jesus Christ is not a true story of this wicked and callous God! The Sun can walk on Water … but the Son can not walk on Water.”





  1. Fool is worst than animal, cause fool says in his heart that there is no God while animals like bird praise his holy name…. You are such a fool, that can never be as wise as animal.

  2. I will not defend my Christ cos he can defend himself, he’s capable… But may God have mercy on you and remove the scale from ya eyes

  3. May God Almighty have mercy I this lost soul…. Who desperately needs to be saved…. Only then will she stop hating her maker…. On another note you have issues and really need help… On another you are dead inside and really Jesus… Try Jesus today and he himself will show you that he is real and he can do all things…

  4. May God have mercy on her cause if she experience hell for a second. She will yean for salvation.

  5. d person talkin isn’t even herself abi himself so y should I believe wot d man in a woman skin is sayin???

  6. May God forgive u cos u do not av idea of what u are saying,i pray may the holy sprit minister to u before u perish like ur brother pharaoh.

  7. See how this beautiful woman, sorry man will rot in hell. It’s incredibly pathetic as to how people deny God who created them or maybe they were from the species of monkeys. It’s her, sorry his choice or it’s choice cos I don’t even know what it is. When the time comes, it’ll know better. By the way follow me on instagram @eliakimjnr for this flawless composition rendered by Me. Cheers.

  8. U dont even know who u are so u cant define som1else….if u av an identity why bein a woman in a man??I pity u.buh i pray today that u get ur salvation…so u dnt perish.how can u define God or Christ wen u cant really tell us if u r a woman or a man…I weep for u.Its better u shut ur loose mouth n dont evn say anyfin than say filthy things about God…u might wake up with withered fingers so watch it!!on a more serz note n dnt destroy urslf while tryin to look for some cheap publicity….

  9. The scripture says: Only a fool will say in his heart, there is no God. It also says that no one will say “Jesus be cursed” except by the fowl spirit speaking through him, and no one says “Jesus be praised” except the Holy Spirit speaks through him. Your message can only impact on unbelievers who have no testimony of Jesus. You yourself know the truth.

  10. Eiyaaaaa!! Sorry oo! Now if you can hardly identify your own personality how do you hope to identify who other people are?
    how much more God! You obviously need help aurgently and if you don’t I’m afraid you will soon commit sucide!

  11. wat a pathetic fallacy? so for ur mind u hv gotten d useless negative attention u were lookn for? huh! wrong move.. be popular positively not talkn or saying smthn dat doesn’t mk sense cos dats how cheap u r. how do u knw there is father of lies? isnt dat gotten frm d bible u dnt blf is true? how do u knw theres devil n wickedness? am sure u r frm dat side of the world..even d wonderful creation we c everyday proves theres God except u r blind! it is written ‘my plp perish becos of lack of knowledge’get a life and stop lookn for cheap attention. may God hv mercy on u sha..

  12. How can u say there is no GOD? Aw did u became a beign?even the so called transgender u did was by GOD grace u did nt die,it was just by HIS Mercy nd I pray HIS mercy ll b sufficient for u.so u can c salvation and not perish in hell.GOD ll deliver u in JESUS name.amen

  13. I pray God shows Himslf to u,d way he showed himslf to Saul who became paul,i pray for ur soul dat u will not die dis way so dat u’ll use dis same mouth of urs to tell ppl of jeses.

  14. You don’t need to believe anyone that heaven or hell is real, dnt Believe Jesus and you’ll get to hell.

  15. I pray God have mercy on u n show Himself to u in a hard way so as to enable u believe that there is nor Holy as our God!

  16. Wow you are a full for saying all such thing towards the lord jesus christ and the creator of heaven and earth..you ara transgender so you must be of the evil..go and repent today so you can be saved if not you will end up your life in Hell.

  17. The
    He-She is just seeking for attention and fame.She will go any length to get it.She knows and even feels it deep down that there is God and Jesus is real….

  18. What a useless nd dumb fellow u are! I’m sure ur dead moda wud b weepin over u in her grave. Devil in human form,am sure u have a reserved space in hell. Dirty dog, may ur anus bleed to ur death. Useless/ ugly creature, Agent of anti christ. May God punish u endlessly without mercy. Imagine wat frustration lead u to. U are a waste to human race. Just how ugly u look,Miserable/ worthless animal.


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