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“I’m Not Proud Or Self Centered” – Naeto C

“I’m Not Proud Or Self Centered” – Naeto C



Nigerian music household name, Naeto C debunked rumours about him being proud and self-centred during a recent interview with Hip TV. The rapper cum songwriter said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they will realize he is not what they take him to be of they got close to him.

“Maybe it is a combination of all the things, maybe it is not. I have all kind of friends in all kinds of places, in Nigeria, outside Nigeria, all across the world and I can’t unfortunately control the perception that people have of myself, unless they get to actually interface with me. Everybody is free to their own opinion but as an artiste, I live to share my music in a positive way and reach out to people,” he said.

Naeto C further added that, “Maybe if I am privileged to have that opportunity to meet some fans that feel like maybe Naeto C isn’t really this or that, maybe they can get to see the real Naeto C but only time will tell.”





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