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How Female Fan Pushed My Wife To Take Photos With Me – Darey

How Female Fan Pushed My Wife To Take Photos With Me – Darey



Nigerian singer, Darey Art Alade, has revealed the most embarrassing experience he ever had with a female fan. He also recalled his most embarrassing moment on stage.

The songster in a chat with The Sun, recalled an incident where he was walking side by side his wife and a female fan rushed to him, pushed his wife aside just to take a photograph with him.

He said, “I remember one day, a young lady wanted to take a picture with me and I was walking with my wife. You know when an event just finished,so you can imagine many people walking in different directions and you are trying to make your way out of the venue.

“Then somebody just called me Darey! Darey!! I want to take a picture with you. The next thing she did was to push my wife out of the way and she no even send anybody at that point,” the father of two comically stated.

“Her own was “I want my picture” and it was a bit embarrassing and my wife understood. She just moved away, you know we deal with all these things every day.”

On his worst embarrassment on stage, he said, “It was a very long time ago before I even dreamt of writing my songs. I was performing at a club, Jazz Ville at Onike, Yaba and I didn’t know all the lyrics of the song.

“At a point, when I started, I noticed I was singing rubbish, I had to tell the band to stop. I apologised to the audience and told them I wanted to start again.”

He further stated he forgot the lyrics, “though it was not a concert, it was like a small arrangement then.”

“It was a bit embarrassing but I got over it. It’s one of those things,” Darey added.





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