Home News Grandma Nabbed Trying To Smuggle Drugs Worth N2.5m To Son Inside Prison
Grandma Nabbed Trying To Smuggle Drugs Worth N2.5m To Son Inside Prison

Grandma Nabbed Trying To Smuggle Drugs Worth N2.5m To Son Inside Prison



A quite aged grandmother admitted in court on Monday that she attempted to smuggle drugs hidden in her vagina and bra into a maximum-security prison during a visit to her son.

Linda Ethal Sheridan smuggled drugs into a prison while visiting her son with her 10 year old granddaughter. She was supposed to have a three day visit with her incarcerated son.

Both Sheridan and her granddaughter were searched by a drug sniffing dog upon entry. The dog detected the drugs on Sheridan, this is according to National Post.

Sheridan was escorted to the ladies room where she removed the three packages containing methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. She thought that she could get away with concealing the drugs in cellophane and condoms but that ended up being an epic fail.

Sheridan was arrested and later taken to Edmonton Police Service headquarters for a further search. In her bra, investigators found nicotine patches, cigarettes and hydromorphone, an opiate.

“I wish I hadn’t been talked into this. It was a stupid move and I should’ve known better.”she told correctional officers.

Brandy Swenson, a correctional officer and dog handler testified

To me, she seemed embarrassed that this happened and we caught her,”“She wasn’t upset, there was no crying. She really wanted to remove the stuff from her body cavity.”

Sheridan is facing up to four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking. She has admitted to her attempt to smuggle the drugs which would have been worth $12,230(N2.5m) inside the Edmonton Institution.

Drugs often have an inflated value inside the prison system. Sheridan admitted she brought the drugs specifically for her incarcerated son. Her son serving time for breaking into a home however denied he asked her to.



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