Home News Weird News Dog Owners In Nairobi To Pay Hefty If Their Pets Are Caught Having S*x In Public
Dog Owners In Nairobi To Pay Hefty If Their Pets Are Caught Having S*x In Public

Dog Owners In Nairobi To Pay Hefty If Their Pets Are Caught Having S*x In Public


dogsDog owners in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, are in for tough times if a Bill sponsored by Kayole South representative, Elizabeth Manyala, passes legislation next year.

The Bill, tagged “The Nairobi City County Dog Control and Welfare Bill 2015”, seeks to penalize dog owners whose pets are arrested engaging in s*x publicly.

The Bill also seeks to prohibit owners of female dogs on heat, from letting them stray.

The Bill also proposes hefty fines for owners of female dogs, should their pets be caught having s*x with other dogs without the knowledge of their owners.

“A person shall not keep or leave a bitch (a female dog) on heat in any place which will permit a male dog to approach it. And no keeper of a bitch shall allow a male dog to approach it unless both the keeper of the bitch and the keeper of the dog desire the approach for the purpose of breeding”, the Bill states.

If the Bill eventually becomes law next year, violators will pay a fine of Sh5,000 or double for a person convicted of another offence under this Bill.


The same Bill also provides for city dogs to be licensed by their owners at a cost not less than Sh2,000 while identification tags will set dog owners back by at least Sh1,000.

According to the sponsor of this Bill, the move was necessitated by the rampant cases of dog bites and the attendant exorbitant cost to treat rabies.

“It is becoming costly to treat rabies. We have countless cases of dog bites. The other day, they mauled a guard in the city, not forgetting the other case where a wife of a Migori County MP had to spend months in hospital after a dog bit her in Nairobi”, Representative Manyala explained.

The Bill further empowers the City Hall to kill, sell or give away dogs if the owners do not claim them within days after their capture.

The part of the Bill that is even more controversial than the no-s*x in public provision is that which imposes a hefty penalty on owners if their dogs bark, yelp, howl or whine for more than six minutes in an hour or more than three accumulated minutes in a half hour.




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