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Please Advise Me, Is There Any Way To Save This Relationship?

Please Advise Me, Is There Any Way To Save This Relationship?



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Dear NGTrends Readers,

I am having some problems with my relationship and I really need someone’s advice. My boyfriend and I have spent almost two years together…but he cheated on me once. We broke up when I found out about the other girl but we got back together a month later. Two months later we broke up again because we fight a lot. He had a relationship with another girl a few weeks later, but he desperately came back begging me to get back with him. He changed, he started focusing more on our relationship,surprising me with gifts and he became a different man. Here is the problem.. a few months later we fight a lot but only for a few minutes or hours and then we talk again like we used too. But sometimes he is aggressive and nervous. He hangs out more with his friends. It seems like he is bored of our relationship sometimes. The truth is we hadn’t made love yet..cause I don’t feel ready.. we just make out.I don’t feel loved by him, I mean.. he should pay me more attention. Is there any way to save this relationship and make it better?



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Am surprised u are askin wat 2 do,wen the truth is Glaring,babe pls look else where coz dis guy is not into u n has never been,4rm all ve said seems 2 me u are justifying his actions n inactions n dat 2 me is nt healthy,4 hw long are u goin 2 be clutchin on a mere straw,pls move on wit ur Life coz dis is nt a relationship bt a Joke..

  2. Hi let me tell you check ur age and u need to start holding him with sexy bcos u will not deny him sex and expect him not to have it out side if u are not ready for sex or marriage yet stay out of relationship or date a pastor


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