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Why I Could Play For Manchester United – Usain Bolt

Why I Could Play For Manchester United – Usain Bolt



Legendary athlete, Usain Bolt has stated his desire to play for Manchester United football club, as he believes going on a trial with the club side will brighten up his chances of a professional contract.

Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest athlete, restates his belief he could play for Manchester United during this week’s edition of Goldstein’s Celebrity Reds on MUTV.

Sports broadcaster, Andy Goldstein, conducted an exclusive interview with the legendary Jamaican sprinter, who famously won gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics in Beijing and London respectively.


When talking about his love for United and his first visit to Old Trafford, Bolt revealed how he once discussed the idea of a trial with former boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, and admitted he still hopes to take up that offer.

Bolt told Goldstein: “In my mind I think I should do a trial and see if they would say ‘Alright, come on in’ or if they would say ‘No, you are not any good’. I think I would be pretty good because I am fit, I am quick, I can control the ball and I understand all of the play.

“So I think if I do a trial then they would say, ‘You know what, here is a contract for five years! You are 30 years old, here’s a five-year contract. Let’s just do it!’”




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