Home News Weird News Sad: JSS 3 Student Commits Suicide After Brother Scolds Her For Getting Pregnant
Sad: JSS 3 Student Commits Suicide After Brother Scolds Her For Getting Pregnant

Sad: JSS 3 Student Commits Suicide After Brother Scolds Her For Getting Pregnant


pregnant-suicideGrief has enveloped the family of Malam Usman Danladi of Kuchi Kon Bwari, a suburb in Bwari Area Council of Abuja, over the death of their daughter, Aisha Usman, who committed suicide.

The young girl, aged 17 and JSS 3 student of Junior Secondary School Bwari, was said to have committed suicide after her elder brother – Kabiru Usman, scolded her for getting pregnant outside wedlock.

Still yet to come to terms with the tragedy that has befallen his family, Malam Danladi, a businessman, described the death of his daughter as worrisome and heartbreaking.

Narrating how he received a phone call from Kabiru, who is his first son, to return home as soon as possible because Aisha was dead, the deceased teenager’s father said upon receiving the call, he became confused and dismayed.

“I can’t remember how I even got home”, he said, adding that he just found himself among people wailing and crying in his house.

Kabiru, who gave graphic account of events leading to Aisha’s suicide, said that his mother called him on phone on Saturday afternoon that he should come back home immediately because she (Aisha) was back and their eldest sister, Khadija Usman, was also around.

“On getting home, I met my sister Aisha kneeling down in front of my mum and elder sister and crying.  I asked what the problem was and my mother told me that my sister Aisha was pregnant. I became furious and started beating her.

“She stood up and ran to the store where we keep our farm tools and she locked the door. I knocked on the door but she refused to open it. I became agitated and forced the door open only to find Aisha’s lifeless body on the floor, foaming coming from her mouth. Next to her was our farm fertilizer.

We immediately took her to the hospital only for the doctor to tell us that she died before getting to the hospital.

“We took her back home to prepare her for burial according to Islamic rites”, he said.

Surprisingly, the deceased’s mother refused to mourn her daughter’s death by suicide, saying her action brought shame to the family.

Malama Sumayyah Usman, who spoke with reporters, insisted that by getting pregnant out of wedlock and committing suicide, Aisha had dragged the family’s name in the mud.




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