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Please Advice Me, What Else Can I Do To Stop This Wedding?

Please Advice Me, What Else Can I Do To Stop This Wedding?



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Dear NGTrends Readers,

I will try to be honest here because I need advice. I am a very social person (I believe this will be the best way I can express the kind of person I am without sounding bad) and I associate myself with only sociable people so that should tell you the kind of friends I have. I had known my best friend since my secondary school years and we were so close we even attended the same institution. We always had an unspoken law that family out-of-bounds to everyone. We never sat down to agree on it but we kind of treated everyone”s family like they had terminal disease and we were safer not getting close to them and I loved the way things were. I always believed that my sister was better with another man than any of that were around me. I was blessed with the opportunity to go aboard and I took it. I was there for about 4 years then was informed that my sister wants to get married. I flew down to meet my in-law only to see it was my closest friend. Seeing him made me remember what we did when we were younger and the fact that he wants to do those things with my sister is very disturbing. I have shouted and declared but both family have made up their minds to move on with the wedding. I know how my sister”s life will be if I let them get together so I am strongly against it. Please someone advice me, what else can I do to stop this wedding from taking place.




I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. The truth is whatever u do, wld make u look like the bad guy!people change,maybe ur frnd did,buh even if u succeed in seperating them, u sis wld never 4give u,in a situation like this, except the so called victim snaps out of this by herself, everything u say or do wld go against! If u knw wat I mean!!! So leave her be! Let her experience it! I’m talking out of experience,i had a brother who made similar mistake!!!

  2. Sincerely u are stupid and a foolish man! U never revealed what it is that u both were into in the past! Was there anything occultic or evil about whatever u both did in the past? U ve successfully told us nothing!hiss

  3. I agree with Joanna’s advise, please go by that. Let us be humble and have a civil tongue as we comment. Be blessed abundantly. thanks!

  4. if your friend is not good enough for you sister then u cannot be good enough for any other persons sister or daughter! people change and sometimes people can influence anoda to change!

  5. What goes around comes around. #Karma.
    Stopping the wedding might make things worst. I would suggest you reform yourself first. inform your sister of whom she is about to marry to enable her reach a good decision. Advise your friend and help him reform himself too.

  6. I agree with what johanna said. Better still go to your friend and ask him if he has change and pray for both of them to have a blissful marriage

  7. Do you believe you can change? If yes then let them be. What should count is if d love they feel for each other is genuine ad sincere. What I believe is d moment a man decide to settle down he becomes responsible and as time goes on he will drop those old ways of life with the help of God thru prayers.

  8. d word dey say,no matter how smart. or. bad some1 mayb,there must b somebody out dere using him or her as a tool,,,[email protected] I am tryna say in essence is,no mata hw bad sum1 mayb,dere must b some1 he or she wil b nice n kind hearted to in Life.so [email protected] ur frnd in question,mayb bad,bt nt to all human.and secondly nt all heads agrees to b purnished by man.so my advice is,Let dem b.n ur sister shd b mor closer to God.God is d answer to all questions.tnx


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