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Please Advice Me, Should I Tell My Boyfriend ?

Please Advice Me, Should I Tell My Boyfriend ?


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From a Female NGTrends reader. Remember you can share your stories with us for advice from fellow NGTrends readers. To Share Your Story send us a mail today to [email protected] We will try our possible best to respond to all your mails, so keep them coming. Thanks

Hello NGTrends,
Just came across your site and decide to share my story with hopes for useful advice. I am a 29 years old lady working in one of the oil companies in Niger. Somewhere along the line I started sleeping with my boss, though I had a rule not to have anything to do with a married man but everything happened so fast. He treats me really nice anyway (p.s he is very wealthy). Few months ago I met a nice young guy and we started dating and I really like him. We spend time some weekends together and take pictures too. One evening I went for drinks with my boss and while he was talking to me I was distracted because I was looking at a picture of my boyfriend and I. He took my phone and saw the picture the next words he said were “so you know my nephew?” I almost passed out. Updates and scrolling through my pictures it became obvious I was romantically involved with him. He threw my phone at me and walked out. Now I am confused. I have been avoiding my boss at work . Just yesterday he sent me a text saying he would never allow his favorite nephew end up with a girl like me. Should I call his bluff or tell my boyfriend before he does? Please I really need your advice.



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing such a very unfortunate situation. The advise is that let your Boss gain courage and tell his nephew the negatives about you, then obviously your boyfriend will try to find out about whatever will come from his uncle. Then you can be honest to let your boy friend know about your affair with his uncle, after all your relationship is already savaged by then.
    Further, learn not to date married people, you are being unfair to humanity. Be blessed

  2. well d deed I think has been done n in dat case let ur bf know b4 he finds out. but why would u ever do a thing like dat.if u r married n someone out there does dat to u I knw u won’t feel good so my dear retrace ur step ok.

  3. I tink u shud open up to ur boyfrnd before d uncle does,tell him d whole truth nd end all relationship wit d uncle. If he is ur man,he won’t leave u,but if he does,let it serve as a lesson to u for futures sake.

  4. It would be a lot better if your boyfriend hears the whole story about your past deeds from you because hearing it from someone else would stair up more anger and he would feel hurt about you not telling him the whole time you’ve spent together.
    The earlier you let him know, the better.

  5. As a guy hearing it from my girlfriend won’t hurt me as much as from someone else. Summon courage and tell your boyfriend and you regret now having anything to do with his uncle. but the truth is always very painful

  6. Sweetie..tell ur bf bfor he finds out, if he loves u nd if hez d one he will overlook it buh it will take time


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