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Please Advice Me, Is This Kind Of Girl  Worth Spending The Rest Of My Life With?

Please Advice Me, Is This Kind Of Girl Worth Spending The Rest Of My Life With?


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Hello NGTrends,

One faithful night I was having a heart to heart chat with my girlfriend which later lead to us talking about our past. While she was talking about her ex boyfriends she told me that she had dated 11 guys before she met me and she slept with 9 of them. This girl I am talking about is just 21 years old, I was shocked and dumbfounded. My feelings towards her changed ever since that night I always try as much as possible to hide the feeling from her.  Please my fellow brothers and sisters, is this kind of a girl worth spending the rest of my life with? Please kindly advice me on what to do because right now I am thinking of breaking up with her. This girl is just 21 years old. Please I need mature advice.




I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,her present life matters not her past,you just have overlook d numbers and focus on her manners

  2. Try and find out what happened in her past relationships , if she left or was left for genuine reasons, if she was faithful to everyone of them, when she had her first bf, first sex and what she wants in a relationship. You don’t have to leave too cos she told you the truth. She might have as well lied that she had been with just 2 guys and you would have stupidly believed. At 21 she needs you to help her believe in herself and let her know you don’t only want her for her body. Show her love, make her appreciate herself…just love her. She might turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

  3. Not a crime to ve said the truth of er past, if she decided not to sex u during dating u’ll leave er for another babe dtz guyz for u. My advice is dt u don’t look @dt if u really want to marry her. Indeed she’s kind of babe u can marry.

  4. I think u should love her more now becos she was sincere with you,being sincere with you only means that she knows she has done the wrong things in her pasted and she is ready to change so I think u should give her d opportunity to change and not judge her

  5. Dat she has had sex wit 9 guys is nt enof reason 2 dump her,u shud be happy she came clean abt her past,som babes wil hide it well n u wil believ it hook,line n sinker,she is worth gettin married to 4 bein brave enof 2 open up,it means she is sincere,who even told u dat d next babe u wil end up wit wil be a saint,bros use ur tongue n count ur teeth…

  6. lol,u wantu breakup,go ahead if that makes u feel better n probably d next gal wud hv slept with your best friend…evry1 has a past,the fact she opened up to u sud mean something,means she’s serious wit u,ur contemplating whether she’s someone u can marry,if u dump er,wat makes u think the next gal wud be Berra….

  7. Please do break up with her because if she refuse to tell u d truth u know nothing I’ll just advice u to pray to God n continue ur relationship with her if u leave her d next relationship u’are going into will bad than these.

  8. As 4 me that’s a unique gurl 4 U,in a relationship I dn’t even think there’s any virgin anywhere,so my broda hold her tight oooooo.cos a bird @hand is far more better than 10,000 birds in the bush.

  9. My brother pass life is pass life for her telling you the truth about her pass life is not bad but the only thing you need to know is whyis she she braking up with her ex boyfriend if the problem is from her then you can now think twice if the problem is not from her then you need to take care of her because she may be telling you the truth for you not to brake her heart again •

  10. Well I don’t think is right to break up with her. She dated them so most definitely she wasn’t mature enough then to know that those guys where coming for her body. She was sincere with you so don’t judge her on that. Moreover it’s in the past now help her shape you both future now. What if she lied to you? Be the best man in this time you have with her. Now your mind is polluted try remembering when you both started,the first time you looked into her eyes an all that. Please breaking up now is not an option

  11. This is the reason I don’t like to talk about the past. The past should be for learning. For her to open up to you means she trusts you. All that matters here is if both of get along well and are ready to be committed to each other. There are girls who have slept with more then 50 guys and are happily married today. Infact, I know of a girl who we all thought was a write off because of the number of guys she had being with. Today she is married with beautiful kids. So let love and maturity guide.

  12. All cool. The decision is now urs. She may even lied about what she said just to know if u can always be there for her. Think cool like a matured man.

  13. What u have to do is to ask her the reasons she break up with the 11 ex. Try and study the reason and see if it’s reasonable. Also study her behaviour and see if she’s d game playing type. After ur careful studies, everything will be visible and u will take ur action.

  14. Sincerlely,never tho 1 cud post smtin here n get mature n genuine comments.kudos 2 y’all.AS 4 my dear writer,ur gf is da bomb 4 sayin d truth,dnt judge her based on her past buh present.

  15. I will advice u stay with her even in her dirty past, nobody is a. Saint,my present girl is 19 and has also dated over 15guys and I still love her and wonna marry her

  16. For me the past don’t really matter, we all have our part, am also in the middle of finding out if my fiancee will leave me because of my past. If she is the kind of woman you want as a wife, I see no reason in ending the relationship because of her past,live your life and be happy. One love


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