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Please Advice Me, Is There Any Way Out Of This Mystery?

Please Advice Me, Is There Any Way Out Of This Mystery?



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Hi NGTrends,

I am married to my childhood sweetheart. We lived together for a few years then got married three years ago. He’s a lovely and responsible man and I’m lucky to have him. We have a great relationship, apart from the physical side. His love-making no longer turns me on as it used to.

I’ve never considered cheating on him although, lately I’ve told myself that if the chance arose, I might just go for it.

I love my husband very much and we have a cute one-year-old son. He’s very extroverted and I’m sure he’ll be terribly hurt if this marriage breaks so would I. Is there any way out of this? Please I need your candid advice.



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Make it work..talk about how you feel..find out you’re both not doing right..work towards making it right..no marriage is perfect neither is there any that is a bed of roses..you just have try your best to make it work…communication is the key..express yourself..you just might be surprised it ll work wonders

  2. hi NGtrend worried lady. you are probably bored. i would say do all u can to make it work. do not cheat because if they table is turned you would feel terrible. however you could try some bed/sex improvement plans. add a lil kink to it. hey its ur hubby whatever would turn u on go for it,also try to talk about it. let him know how he can make u get ur groove back.*wink * sounds like its not so bad. get it working girl dont throw it away.

  3. yea, u nid a job , dat’ll prolly keep u too busy
    nd u both shud go on a few trips togeda…go places dat revive dat intrest
    nd if theres anythin baut him u dnt like , tell him

  4. As a young married woman myself I understand how u feeling, I got married to my childhood sweetheart too and I understand how u feel cus I felt same way once too…but u know what I did?.. I prayed and thought back to our old days and d reason I loved him so much, worked on myself and googled ways to reignite my passion with my spouse…

  5. My dear this is that secret you ‘d be missing all day long. It’s obvious your relationship needs a little spicing. In finding solutions to this issue you will need to ask yourself certain questions and be candid in your answers. Firstly, is he still as romantic as he use to be? If No, then you talk it out with him. Yeah, sometimes a man could unintentionally play down his romantic prowess due to perhaps too many engagements, a hectic job may also be a factor. Talk it out with him and you too also ensure you put up some romantic stunts once in a while. You may also want to suggest a vacation sort of. Secondly, how has he been handling you on bed in those good old days, have there been any departure? If YES, then C’mon don’t be like the missionaries, they are long gone. Talk it out, s*x is a two-way communication. I bet you your husband won’t kill you if during s*x u tell him, “baby please touch me here and there” Or better still “suck me here and there.” Don’t die in silence. Babe please catch your groove back, good luck!


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