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Please Advice Me, I Don’t Know What To Do And Whom To Go On With. 

Please Advice Me, I Don’t Know What To Do And Whom To Go On With. 



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Dear NGTrends Reader,

I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now and I know that he really loves me. he is a graduate and is working so he do give me everything I want though we do quarrel a lot and each time we quarrel, he’s always the first to apologise. but I have so many problems with him. first and foremost I don’t enjoy his company any longer, I am not always happy when his with me nd I don’t enjoy his love making from the onset and he says he wants to marry me. Secondly, I meet a guy last year nd we have been good friends and one thing led to another. I really do love this guy and he loves me too am always happy when am with him though he is not a graduate  making him unable to carter for my needs and am so so free with his family members especially his mum an he is very romantic and have also  introduced me to his mum. I don’t know what to do please I need  advice on whom to go on with. thank you. 



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  1. See dear poster I’m sure u will soon get tired of this new guy too cos it wasnt like ur main guy was boring when you met him…I won’t advice you to leave your bf cos the devil you know is way better than the Angel u don’t know..forget about the fact that ur new guy already introduced u to his pple..that’s not a big deal at all…its cos u involved with someone else that why u don’t appreciate ur man anymore..u said he is always the to apologize whenever u guys ain’t in good terms..hnmmm my dear what else do u want?money cannot buy peace of mind o..concentrate more on your man and iron out what ever it is u don’t like that he’s doing..communication is key in any relationship.. Cheers

  2. My dear you guys are together for the past five years nw and u have been managing his way of life towards you,you can really make it work for you by talking to him and bringing a new method of plays and all dat and renew ur love for him and things will work out for you.goodluck

  3. First of, I will start by saying you don’t know what u truly want, for whatever it’s worth you shouldn’t have given a chance to a male friend to lead to romance; that’s called infidelity to ur heart.
    Secondly, your guy who’s always been there for u since 5years and now your confused about him Cos of some flash/reflection; I’m sorry, u re only seeing what u wanna see in him not what u need to see. Mind you, he has taken it to marriage extent you need to use ur head sis. If you can double date after 4 years of relationship and still maintains it for a year between the 2 men your playing skill is beyond Messi and CR7’s.
    Conclusively, I’m sorry if I appear to be judging u but someone needs to tell u reality without obscuring from the truth. I pray God guides u as u decide

  4. U shud hold on to the first on u guys have been dating for five years he always apologise to his mistake u r getting bored bcuz of diz new guy so u hv 2 get rid of him as fast as possible wen u loose d main guy u will surfer consequences and he can’t even provide you with your needs just sit down and think your heart will tell you the truth

  5. Lol…this new guy u are tripping for, wat if he stops being romantic n caring, will u still like him and b able to stand him? he doesnt hv d money yet, when he does, will he still b d same? DO YOU TRULY LOVE HIM, or LUST for him? Y did u start dating d first guy? these are the questions u shld ask yourself. Truthfully, dnt lie to urself, dnt cheat on ur 5yrs boyfriend. Tell him how you are feeling right now, make efforts towards your existing relationship n pray about it. There’s nothing worse off than marrying d wrong person, cos its will even affect d unborn children. so babe, be wise. Think with both ur heart and your head AND above all PRAY! U are in a delicate situation

  6. Not know what one wants is worst than d deadly ebola disease. Pls outline d things u really want in ur man from d depth of ur heart b4 know what to do. From what I deduced from all ur complains is that d first guy has always been ur atm, while d 2nd a meet d b*d needs that’s why u can keep them both side by side which is wrong. Until u see d first guy as all u want in a man, u won’t ever b satisfied. Your first man is a real man, y d 2nd is just a clincher and an opportunist that uses his third leg to drive indecisive babe’s like u crazy. Think well so u don’t miss a real man.


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