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Please Advice Me, I Am So Bothered, Heartbroken And Confused On What To Do…

Please Advice Me, I Am So Bothered, Heartbroken And Confused On What To Do…



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Dear NGTrends,

I stay with my boyfriend and we have s*x almost everyday and I want to believe our sexual life is good because we f*ck really good and I always pleasure him alot… I spice things up alot.. Although he is not all that good in bed but I learned to be satisfied with what I get and not complain either I c*m or not.. I always satisfy him. My problem now is that my boyfriend w*nks/m*sturbates whenever I am sleeping, I have noticed this for a while feel the bed shaking for a long time then it stops but could not confront him. So last night while the bed was shaking I woke up to confront him he denied it all. I am bothered, confused and disturbed because I satisfy him alot, everyday.. Note; He is a type of N*gga that sleeps after one round without caring if I C*m or not but I never complained… All I do is satisfy him. Please help me out, I am so confused on what to do. Please go easy on your comments.

Thank You.



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Baby, it’s ok not to confront him, but probably he does it when your on, or maybe he needs u to ask him some delicate questions. But which ever way, be polite in ur approach.

  2. First thing first, you shouldn’t be living with ur boyfriend… He has had enough of u , he needs something new but lucky enough for u he decides to masturbate instead of cheating on u with some other bitches….. Kneel down and thank him.

  3. Sweetheart first of all I don’t support the fact you are living with your boyfriend,you are not married to him.secondly I don’t support sex before marriage but all the same no one is perfect we make mistakes n dos mistakes build us n makes us wiser.The first thing you need to do is to talk to him about it okay,the truth is when you get attach to a guy too much you lose your value in his eyes u get it. It’s not new to him so it’s like everyday routine even in marriage there is a point in time no matter how u dress sexy even if you are naked ur husband won’t be move even if he is it won’t be like the beginning. My advice for you is to get a place of your own, talk to your spouse about what you don’t like, if you could even stop the sex it’s cool okay n tell him to stop masturbating and why he is doing that plus all your effort to satisfy him..you both can stop this things through the help of God okay. THE relationship will be more firm and solid. First person to talk to about your relationship is God and if you are a Muslim Allah. May God grant you wisdom to overcome all this little errors.

  4. Pumpkin, I love your openness but its a bit weird. You dont know well how to fuck. If you do, he won’t masturbate. Well you are also exposed spiritually & he is possessed. He is a thief & you are a Wonderer, reason he hasn’t paid and u are with him. Stop the sex & Leave while you still can. You are an option if u continue cos sex can’t hold a man, only God can. See him through his mental health and reevaluate your life… I Love you and you are beautiful so dont restrict yourself, brace up.

  5. Dear young Lady, the only problem you have itemized here is just that of masturbation but I think they are multifaceted. As all others have rightly pointed out, cohabitation before marriage is unadvisable for diverse reasons such that time won’t permit to discuss all now but chiefly among them is that obvious fact that sooner or later your boyfriend will have had enough of you and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want such a situation. In simple sentence, do not stay permanently under his roof since he is not yet your husband. As for the issue of masturbation, you must understand that it is a habit and habits do not die easily. I am afraid the only help you can profer is by having a frank talk with your boyfriend at his happy moments with great regards to your choice of words so he doesn’t get spitted. The place of prayer can also not be overemphasized. Good luck!

  6. Vice said it all sweet heart…. first thing to do is to move out first .. He is married to u … you should gt more worried if he never gets married to u first after the whole sex thing… don’t confront him.. jux give him some space n you will find your life amazing

  7. Seriously don’t knw why men love masturbation. Talking about moving out from the house is not going to be easy tho and more also if a guy is done with a rship,he is done even if u are staying in a different place.the only reason I will advise u to move from that house is this.living in a guys house before marriage is a sin in the eyes of men and GOD.


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