Home News Politics Oshiomhole Speaks Tough, Threatens To Chase Igbinedion Family Out Of Edo If They Don’t Behave
Oshiomhole Speaks Tough, Threatens To Chase Igbinedion Family Out Of Edo If They Don’t Behave

Oshiomhole Speaks Tough, Threatens To Chase Igbinedion Family Out Of Edo If They Don’t Behave


Gabriel-Lucky IgbinedionDespite leaving office eight years ago and living his life as a peaceful citizen, former Edo State Governor, Chief Lucky Igbinedion may soon be set for a protracted legal battle with his successor, Governor Adams Oshiomhole, who has vowed to prosecute him for alleged fraud.

Towards this end, Mr. Oshiomhole has vowed to publish records of all the fraud allegedly perpetrated by the ex-governor and his father, the Esama of Benin, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion.

Speaking at Government House on Wednesday while addressing a mammoth crowd of students and civil society groups, the governor also revealed that all the files containing the alleged fraud would be submitted to the relevant authorities in Abuja, next week.

The civil society members and students yesterday marched through major roads in Benin, the state capital, chanting anti-Peoples Democratic Party slogans and accusing the opposition party of sponsoring Monday’s protest against the Oshiomhole-led administration.

Among others, Oshiomhole accused his predecessor and his father of allegedly converting to private use, government properties and funds meant for the people of the state.

He also declared his readiness to publish the sales of government properties during Igbinedion’s eight years tenure at the helms of affair of Edo State, stressing that the move would reveal the identities of other beneficiaries.

Gov. Oshiomhole traced the genesis of his feud with the Igbinedion family to his decision to revoke the over 200,000 hectares of government land the former governor allegedly gave to his father in Okada as well as the termination of the Memorandum of Understanding his predecessor allegedly signed with his father to allow “the medical students in Igbinedion University to use our state-owned hospital at the expense of the Edo State Government while Chief Igbinedion collects N1m from each medical student”.

Insisting that “Everybody born of a woman in this state must be subjected to the rule of law”, the governor swore that in the interest of Edo people, including the future generation, he wants to be remembered after the end of his tenure in 2016, not only for roads, for hospitals, for schools (but) much more importantly, as the man who brought an end to exemptions.

“We provided the leadership that has banished the godfathers in Edo State. They can never, never forget that”, he said. “I will publish records in black and white and Edo people will be told how they have been raped; they have murdered sleep. I went to Ovia North-East, Igbinedion covered all the government reserved land reserved for the people of Edo State”.

Boasting of his strengths, Governor Oshiomhole said “Lucky gave to his father over 200,000 hectares of land. They took the land on the grounds that they will use it for mechanised farming, I will say the truth and Igbinedion can do nothing; I can drive him out of town”.

Insisting that it would no longer be business as usual under the All Progressives Congress-led federal government, Oshiomhole revealed that “The angrier they are, the happier I am”, adding that “With the powers vested in me as the governor, I used the powers to revoke the over 200,000 hectares of land the son gave to the father and returned it to government. That was why Igbinedion was fighting me; but I said (that) if he does not obey the law, he will go to prison. They were able to cover these things (but) Buhari is there now. So, it can never be business as usual”.




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