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My Songs Do Make Me Cry – Adele

My Songs Do Make Me Cry – Adele



Adele Laurie Blue Adkins popularly known as Adele seems to be more engulfed in music than we think, as she has made some interesting revelations about how she personally connects with her songs in the making process.

British singer, Adele gave an insight into how she often gets caught up in her own songs, and she wouldn’t want to change that.

“In order for me to feel confident with one of my songs it has to really move me,” she said.

“That’s how I know that I’ve written a good song for myself, it’s when I start crying. It’s when I just break out in [expletive] tears in the vocal booth or in the studio, and I’ll need a moment to myself.”

That heart-on-sleeve emotion, conveyed by a gorgeous voice, has made Adele, now 27, one of the most universally beloved singers and songwriters of the 21st century. Adele, whose last name is Adkins, won the Grammy as Best New Artist with her 2008 debut album, “19.”

Her new song “Hello” released in 2015 has become a must-have on all music devices across the world.

“Hello” attained international commercial success reaching number one in 26 countries including the United Kingdom, where it became her second UK number-one single, following “Someone Like You”, and has the largest opening week sales in three years.




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