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Khloe Kardashian Gives Reasons To Be Thankful

Khloe Kardashian Gives Reasons To Be Thankful



The Reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian has give reasons she is extra thankful this “thanksgiving”. She took to her website to list the things that give her reasons to be thankful this year. According to her, she is most grateful about her family, as they standby each other in tough times. Continue to read…

“I am someone who tries to always keep things in perspective. This year I have a deeper insight and possibly a deeper perspective now. I pride myself as someone who does live in the moment and as someone who shows gratitude in every corner. And I have been blessed this year with me getting another layer of what I am thankful for.

On Thanksgiving, my family and I always go around the dinner table and say what we’re thankful for as I’m sure most families in America do. This year, I’m overly thankful my family. My family has been through a ton of trials and tribulations mixed with blessings on blessings on blessings. But when times get tough, my family seems to thrive and band together. We find a way to always persevere. Rise above the ashes!! Without my crazy, chaotic, amazing family, I’m not sure how I could have gone through some of the things that I was tested with this year. I’m sure we say we are all thankful for our families. And I think that is the most beautiful thing to be thankful for, but every night I thank the Lord for blessing me with the world’s best support system and team of unconditional love.

I look forward to this holiday more than any other holiday now because I host Thanksgiving for everyone. I take my hosting duties very seriously. I absolutely adore being the hostess. Last year was my first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. And as we all know that’s no small feat. My family is pretty large and extended. I cook and bake it all!

I love the challenge and putting myself up to that challenge. The one thing I splurge on every Thanksgiving is hiring my incredibly talented friend Jeff Leatham to help me with the flower arrangements. I typically love to do floral arrangements on my own but with the amount of cooking I do, I love that little extra help. He’s also so incredibly talented that it’s a little treat for myself to have these flowers in my home for almost 2 weeks afterwards. It makes me SO happy to do these things for my family. It makes me proud! I feel like a real adult being able to handle such a large amount of people in my home and I am able to host them all. I just remember all of these holidays were hosted by my mom at one point. So now that I’m able to relieve her of some of the holidays I feel like such a grown-up, LOL!

This year, I’m making my mac & cheese and green beans with smoked turkey legs. I love making my green bean/turkey leg dish, but it’s intense: I smoke and boil them until the meat falls off the bone and it comes to a stew with green beans, bell peppers and onions. My friends always ask me to make it for them even if it’s not Thanksgiving—they think it’s so easy and don’t realize it takes 6 hours to make, LOL!

Having intimate family time is so, so great and I’m thankful that I get to experience it with all of the incredible people in my life. After our family Thanksgiving dinner is over, I invite friends to join, especially friends who don’t have family around. So we have a family Thanksgiving, a friends Thanksgiving, and this year I will also be having a hospital Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around loved ones. Whether they are blood or bond…to be grateful for all that we have been so abundantly blessed with and also to spare a few thoughts and prayers for those not so lucky. No matter where you are in life you can always find something to be thankful for. My wish is that this mentality goes beyond Thanksgiving. Try practicing being thankful daily and I believe that optimism and gratitude will manifest greatness!” She said.




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