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Interview With Karrueche About Nigeria + Fun Photos From PLAY’s 10th Pool Party & Apparel Launch

Interview With Karrueche About Nigeria + Fun Photos From PLAY’s 10th Pool Party & Apparel Launch


Karrueche Tran and Richard Akuson
Karrueche Tran and Richard Akuson

Richard Akuson, who is also a fashion writer, publicist, stylist and creative director got the chance to have a chat with Karrueche Tran during her recent visit to Nigeria.

They talked about everything from the misconceptions about Nigeria before her trip to how it feels to always have the “Chris Brown’s ex” tag on her.

They met up at the Abuja Hilton hotel for the interview and one thing Richard Akuson immediately notes is how charming she is.

Richard describes his first impression of her in those couple of minutes as “energetic, vibrant and quite charming, smiled a lot and continued answering my questions even when her team had started complaining that she’d no time. She was like “oh no, that’s no problem. I can do more questions”, and went on to answer 3 more questions. “

Karrueche was also very passionate about her fans and took time out to oblige social media requests for SnapChat and Instagram.

For the interview she was dressed in a slouchy play suit – elegantly cinched to her waist to accentuate her pretty doll size figure, sky high tasseled strap stiletto sandals, a black Hermes Birkin bag in hand and flanked by her management team and hosts on both sides.

Karrueche Tran at the IDP Camp in Abuja
Karrueche Tran at the IDP Camp in Abuja

See excerpts from their interview below.

On being invited to Nigeria: Honestly being here feels amazing. I’ve never been here before, so, when they reached out to me was kinda like, I wasn’t sure if it was like a serious thing or not. But it’s been great so far. I’ve had a lot of great feed back. I’ve had a lot of people tweeting me and Instagramming me. Last night at the club (pool), it was like really crazy a lot of people showing me love. It’s a really great feeling.

On her fears about Nigeria before coming: Well, to be honest, I mean, a lot of people said a lot of different things; just to be cautious, and be very careful for like my safety and like as far as the water is concerned and eating certain things. But, it hasn’t been really that difficult at all. People were you know, kinda really scary before the trip. But it’s been good so far, we’ve had really no problem.

On her Nigerian experience: Well, I mean, I just got here last night, so, I haven’t had much of an experience so far – other than the club, but I’m excited about today (Sunday, 15th), just to be able to go out, visit and see the country. So, in three words? Urhmm, I don’t know – great, beautiful and exciting, I guess.

On the Nigerian nightlife: Oh gosh. Crazy, fun… Uhhh and lots of energy.

On her current projects: Yeah, The Bay is a digital show, so it’s online. It’s a day time soap opera, so, there’s a lot of drama and suspense. It has won a day time Emmy; which is very big in the U.S. It’s very great to be a part of that cast and to be a part of that production. Especially for me, ’cause I’m a new actor, I’ve been doing this for the past 2-3 years, so, it’s great to be a part of that…

Urhmm, I have a movie coming out in early next year (2016) called ‘Dinner With The Stankershets’ in which Marques Houston is in it and also Wendy Raquel Robinson, and a few other actors. It’s a romantic comedy, so, so funny. I was doing ‘Vanity’, another digital show which is on stylehaul.com, the series has ended but hopefully they bring back a season 2 ’cause everyone loves that show. It’s a fashion based show. Yeah, so it’s very very awesome.

Lots of magazine editorials coming out. (Her manager interjects to remind her of some of her other projects). I have a tattoo line coming out soon. You know flash tattoos? Oh yeah, temporary tattoos. Well mine will be in gold and black, I’ll have some of my personal tattoos like I have this one (pointing at a tiny inscription on her arm) and the zipper down my leg, which is really cool, ’cause a lot of people are interested, especially in my leg tattoos, so they’ll be able to have their own version without having to go through the pain.

And I have a collab coming soon with a beauty brand which will be really big ’cause I have a lot of fans who are interested in the beauty aspects of me, so, they’ll be able to purchase.

On things she learnt from the Chris Brown experience: One main important thing that I’ve learnt is to love and respect my elf. You know, at times, I just wasn’t focused on me and my career and I had to learn to really invest in me and to focus on myself and respect myself and put myself first.

On constantly being linked to Chris Brown: It is what it is. ‘Cause like, I can’t change the past – like we had a relationship, you know. It is life and it’s a part of my past. You know it is unfortunate that people will continue to link me just as an ex girlfriend or whatever, but I don’t let that get to me because all that matters is all about progression right now and just moving forward.

On her relationship status: I am single. I plan to be that way for a while. Cause, I really just want to focus on me right now and my career. Kinda just get my self together. I think that’s where I’m at. I messed up in the beginning of my relationship, which was not really focusing on me first and getting my self together as a woman, and then going on into a relationship. So right now I am single. I will be single for a while.


Play Network held its ‘Play Apparel Launch Pool Party’ in Abuja over the weekend on Sunday, November 15th 2015 and the exciting and fun event was hosted by Karrueche Tran.

With endless drinks and a fun atmosphere at the party, the debut collection of Play Apparel – the White Veil swimsuit collection designed by Maison Mimi was also on display.

See the fun photos from the event below!

Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-24-600x578 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-21-600x400 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-22-400x600 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-23-400x600 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-26-600x500 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-27-600x400 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-36-600x541 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-5-600x516 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-7-600x445 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-11-600x526 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-2-600x443 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-6-600x441 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-8-600x504 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-9-600x400 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-14-600x400 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-16-600x520 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-18-580x600 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-19-570x600 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-20-600x525 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-28-600x400 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-29-600x440 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-31-600x563 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-32-600x400 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-33-600x400 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-34-600x483 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-37-600x536 Play-Pool-Party-Karrueche-Tran-NGTrends-44-527x600

Photo Credit: @thecannon5 | George Okoro




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