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I Lost Some Of My IQ Listening To Dayo Amusa’s ‘Hello’ Cover

I Lost Some Of My IQ Listening To Dayo Amusa’s ‘Hello’ Cover


I know that after reading this piece, your curiosity will get the better of you and you will listen to Yoruba Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa‘s cover of Adele‘s ‘Hello.’


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Dayo was looking for some form of publicity when she was recording the ear-sore (Ehn, shebi there is something called eyesore). So, I’m going to happily give her some publicity. And since she didn’t care what form it came in – whether positive or negative, I am going to opt for the latter. Not like she left me much choice.

Tell me, Dayo Amusa, what are you actually good at? Mark, I didn’t say great. That might be too much to ask from you. Acting? Hell no! And now singing? Haba! Let’s face it, you aren’t really good at either.

The world has been forgiving you for your previous crimes against music. There was one you committed recently with Oritsefemi. But, how can you expect us to just listen to your vocal assault on aunty Adele and move on as if nothing happened? Nah, impossicant! What came over you? Was it some fever? Why didn’t you call your doctor?

I am vexed – yes. But not because, like you, I have no business going close to a microphone for the purpose of singing. I am vexed that your ‘Hello’ cover was shoved in my face on Facebook by someone I’m not sure how soon I will forgive, and I gullibly took the bait and listened to it. The person didn’t have kind words either. But his crime is instead of issuing a stern warning against listening to the song, he added a link (like I have done here too) to it.


Truth be told, I lost some of my IQ listening to that erm… song. Maybe that’s why I’m ranting like a testicle-less ram.

I know you’re not the first Nollywood person to lie to themselves that they have a career in making music. You won’t be the last sef (although a part of me wishes that the deceit ends NOW). But please do as all a favour – there is already enough trouble in the world, don’t now come and be adding your own. Stay away from microphones. And music recording studios for all our sakes and see how the Almighty God will reward you. You will be amazed how many IQs you’ll save from destruction.

This article is not what I should be spending my Sunday morning writing. I should probably be in church. Or in a beer parlour somewhere. Or exchanging body heat with somebody. But someone has to save the world and who am I to complain when the mantle falls on me?

Now that I have done the job, I’m off to Ladipo to see if I can see some second-hand IQs to purchase. Or maybe I should just listen to Omawumi‘s cover and regain lost nutrient.

Click here to Listen to ‘Hello’ Cover by Dayo Amusa and S. Gee. Good luck.



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Oh why did u make me download this ehm…..song na,just wasted 4.5mb out of my data. I sha like her movie to an extent but definitely not MUSIC

  2. What tha hell is dis pls abeg I think u r right about the IQ think I think am forgetting how to spell. This song is torture to my ears I wonder if we offended her Tonto dikeh elder sister

  3. Jesus !!!!!!! I had a laugh reading Ur comment on her horrible song , i guess she felt that singing dis piece of crap cover will jump start her music career , I don’t blame her tho its the producer that produced her dat I blame , dem just extort d poor woman , madam Abeg go back to ya acting ooo , and Plz don’t try dis again

  4. If you lost your iQ when listing to musa hello cover.when did you lost after listening to the real Adele “hello”?
    If you didn’t lost anything after listening to Adele hello then you must be a block head!!
    Y”all should leave Adele hello alone and go sing your own original version of your written song!!
    Awon werey!!!

  5. Hei! I’m finished! Temporary amnesia… I practically blanked out in the course of the song and after the song for a few minutes. Why did I have to listen to it early Monday morning? EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT ‘SONG’ IS WRONG AND BAD FOR THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF HUMANS

  6. Absolutely nonsense,I cnt bliv dz stupid version of a tin called hello, her’s is rello nt hello.stupid song.jst make my day go meeeeeeeeeetch

  7. LMAO…..come on guys,show some love.It’s not that bad.Just that its nothing close to being professional.Am sure Dayo just wants to make herself (and probably you)happy with the fact that she can atleast produce vocal notes and follow a musical sequence. That’s not bad?


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