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For Ladies: Five Fashion Tips You Should Keep In Mind

For Ladies: Five Fashion Tips You Should Keep In Mind


Hey Ladies, it’s okay to have a wardrobe full of nice stuffs but it’s better to know how to make use of what you have to keep trendy without going out of style. So here are five out of a million and one fashion tips you should know.

1. Combine White Button Down Shirts with Jeans and Ball Skirts.
They elevate jeans and keep ball skirts from looking out of place. Though white involves a lot of care. Buy few and don’t over bleach.

2. Make Your Wears Visible. Making the clothes you have visible enough for you to see, helps your combinations better. Seeing all the tops, skirts and trousers helps brings your creativity to play. Don’t cramp your wardrobe, let it breath.


3. Invest In Accessories . “Cool shoes, interesting jewelry-those can really elevate your look,” says stylist Isabel Dupré, she notes that a wardrobe of the right little extras lets you be more relaxed about the rest of your outfits.


4. Be Open Minded. Keep your mind open when trying out stuff, you never know what can look fab on you. You think of it, try it and  stand in front of your mirror.


5. Be Comfortable. Don’t go around shaking like a jelly in high-heeled shoes because you want to fit in. Wear comfortable dresses, the moment you keep checking yourself in public too frequently, something is wrong and you know it!

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