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Church Bishop Says Nothing Wrong With Having Oral S.ex

Church Bishop Says Nothing Wrong With Having Oral S.ex



A man of God has explained why oral s.ex is not wrong for married people who serve God. In fact, he encourages it if it is what will keep your family intact.

Dag Heward-Mills, Presiding Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International has generated controversy after saying there is no law specifically barring men from kissing any part of their partners’ body.

Bishop Heward-Mills, who was addressing church members, could not fathom why couples restrict areas they touch during foreplay when in fact other places can also contribute to making the s.ex more enjoyable.

He said: “Why can’t you not kiss your wives vulva and why can’t your wife also kiss your penis; why can’t she hold it? It’s nice. I don’t think there is anything wrong with oral s.ex because there is no red flag on any part of the body. Which law [states] that this place is not good; you can kiss here, but you cannot lick here because kissing is licking.

All these religious restrictions even prevent you from having the variations that you need to have exciting s.ex. One of the advantages of oral s.ex is that the clitoris needs to be stimulated, and the tongue can do a good job because sometimes the finger stimulates the clitoris so hard it becomes sore”

He indicated that oral s.ex among other advantages keep the clitoris stimulated and prevents to clitoris from bruises. Bishop Heward-Mills said oral s.ex is a “holy and good thing” but cautioned couples to be wary of its disadvantages.

The Lighthouse Presiding Bishop blamed the bad s.exual lifestyle especially among Christians on religious restrictions.


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