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Adele Advices Beyonce On How To Save Her Marriage l Read

Adele Advices Beyonce On How To Save Her Marriage l Read



The rave of the moment in the world of music, Adele, has been giving Beyonce some relationship advice. You need to read what it is all about.

According to Mirror UK, Beyonce who has been rocked by rumours of a split from her husband Jay Z has allegedly turned to Adele for advice.

Adele, 27, has reportedly given Beyonce one bit of advice that she has adopted in her life to keep her relationship happy and healthy.

An insider told Now magazine that: “The two have been friends for a while and with Beyonce’s marriage under fire yet again thanks to the publication of a new unauthorised book, Adele has shared with her one major bit of advice that she lives by: no more social media”.

Adele has previously confessed that she doesn’t allow herself to use her public social media accounts for fear of drunken messages so she steers clear.

The source said: “She’s intensely private and credits keeping her relationship with Simon (Konecki) out of the spotlight as the secret of their happiness.”

Adele, who shares three-year-old Angelo with her boyfriend Simon, has been on the receiving end of split rumours but refrained from passing comment about their relationship status.

Beyonce is not known for any outbursts on social media, and the ‘Drunk In Love’ star only offers rare glimpses inside her marriage to Jay Z.
The Party star, 34, was pictured on a fun night out with the hip hop star over the weekend, with both stars dressing up for Halloween.

Choosing Coming To America as their theme, Beyonce and Jay Z nailed it as Prince Akeem and one of his servants in Zamunda-themed costumes. They even got their daughter Blue involved in the action, dressing her up as arranged bride-to-be, Imani Izzi.





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