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5 Things You May Not Know About Nigeria – Ali Baba

5 Things You May Not Know About Nigeria – Ali Baba



Regarding what PMB is saying about how broke Nigeria is, I TOTALLY SUPPORT it. We are broke. We do not need to keep up appearances when our economy is disappearing. Do we still have an economy or just a market for foreign economies? If you are in a pit that you want to come out of, you must stop digging! Except you are making money from the depth of that pit you are digging. That is exactly why it’s hard to assist some people in Nigeria.

One lady met me after an event the other day and told me of how she needs to complete her school fees of 185k. She only has 78k. I nearly gave it a thought then she asked for an #alibabaandi. And brings out an #iphone6splus. I guess that’s what many people are expecting PMB to do.

Give the outside world we are OK look. No sir. Tell them of the potentials here. Tell them things have been mismanaged. Tell them that we are dealing with the thing that brought us here in the first place. CORRUPTION. Let the world know that they all had a hand in the condition we are in. Because our stolen monies have developed their real estate sectors & boosted the liquidity of their banks. Our stolen monies continued to boost their fashion industry. Let them know that our industries all died because of corruption.
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And that they did nothing to help fight it. Tell them they welcomed the monies stolen with a bowl! And then sent us grants after making profits from same. PMB should not cover anything up! Tell them that whoever buys stolen crude from Nigerian vessels will be named and shamed! Tell them we are broke. Shout it. Tell them that in spite of that, we have natural resources and untapped potentials. We have NOLLYWOOD. We have numbers. Land. Waterways.

Rail sector begs for investors. Huge electricity needs. That’s business waiting for them. We have a revitalized Code of Conduct bureau.We have CHANGE! So it’s no more business as usual. Don’t paint us good when we need help. You can’t say your son is an A-star student fit for scholarship, when he can’t speak well, read and write. We are not where we should be. It’s good the world knows. If you have a load you want to carry, people will only help if u bend to carry it, not by just standing by it!




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