Home News Ben Murray Bruce Shares Some “Common-sense” Advice With Buhari On Ministerial List
Ben Murray Bruce Shares Some “Common-sense” Advice With Buhari On Ministerial List

Ben Murray Bruce Shares Some “Common-sense” Advice With Buhari On Ministerial List


Ben Murray Bruce

The Senator shared some ‘common-sense’ advice with the President to act upon concerning his cabinet of ministers & their conduct when screened and fully appointed. More of his tweets after the cut…



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. I so so much agree with Ben Murray, what he mentioned is d major problem we are facing in Nigeria. Let’s take a proper look into our health sector, our ministers, high influenced personnels etc in Nigeria don’t value what we have when they are sick they go to the US, India and so on remember Dora Akunyuli and former president Ya’r Adua. I do think to myself considering things I’ve been hearing about India that they are the best in Medicals, this is the wrong I formation I have in head that made me decided to study nursing there. When I got there I was totally confused, the school I found myself in Bangalore is something else, I looked at everything and how their education system is it can never be compared to our own standard of education. No teachers in the class, no well equipped lab, no hospital for practical training and so on. So I made a quick survey and realized that their level of education is low compared to Nigeria’s, they have the best medical equipments in their hospitals because they have a well organized government, they have high rate of all these deadly diseases like cancer, chronic disease of the heart and so on and that’s why they really improved their health sector to be one of the best in the world, yeah they have some world best qualified doctors in the world but I want u to make your own research then you will know some of this world best doctors didn’t study in India they did in Russia, USA, UK and so on. To make matters clear am not saying India is not good for any Indian that might come across this but I just want to make our leaders see that Nigerians are brilliant, improve our health sector by letting it stand at least one of the best in the world, bring all this sophisticated equipments to Nigeria and our students will definitely make use of it greatly, let our medical schools specialize in some of this deadly disease and our brilliant students who are willing will definitely study it hard, politicians should trust us don’t run away let’s make naija better!!!


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