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Why Sarkodie Has Never Voted Before

Why Sarkodie Has Never Voted Before


Ghana’s rap artiste, Sarkodie has revealed that he has never voted before because it is not appetizing.

Michael Owusu Addo, known by his stage name Sarkodie speaking on CitiFM on the situation of Ghanaian politics, disclosed that, “For me am not proud to say but that is the reality I have not voted before because it is always the same thing. It is not appetizing, I don’t feel like am drawn to it. Until something changes”.

Sending words of advice to the youth, Sarkodie said,“That’s it is the thing. I want the new generation to start thinking. Our old people, my mom used to like JJ because he is handsome, which is very bad. Their reasons for voting were very bad. Those are actually the masses. Someone will say, Ex-President Kufour has nice eyes but that person has not even paid his ward’s school fees.

“I actually met people who I think if you put them on the forefront of this Ghanaian politics, they are going to do it. I don’t think they have been allowed inside.

I know we have great people who have gone to school outside, they are well equipped, and have the knowledge to move the country to the next level. I don’t know why are not given the chance. It is just frustrating”.




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