Home Entertainment Two Die In Plane Crash In Tom Cruise’s Movie Set
Two Die In Plane Crash In Tom Cruise’s Movie Set

Two Die In Plane Crash In Tom Cruise’s Movie Set


Star actor and film producer, Tom Cruise, has got bad news hanging over his head again as two crew members die in a plane crash on the actor’s set.

Just about two weeks ago there were reports that Tom Cruise’s mother had gone missing and a hosts of news sites also told of how he abandoned his step-father on his deathbed and skipped his funeral.

 According to TMZ, two crew members working on the set of Tom Cruise’s  latest film Mena were killed after a plane they were travelling in crashed in Colombia.

Two pilots along with crew members were in the small twin-engine aircraft when it came down in bad weather near Medellin.

The plane was being used during shooting to transport crew members between locations and the local airport.

Hollywood actor Tom had finished filming earlier that day and wasn’t on board,

A spokesperson for Mena’s distributor Universal Pictures says, “An aircraft carrying crew members crashed while returning to Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellin following production wrap on the film Mena resulting in two fatalities.”

Filming of Mena started in May in Georgia and the actor arrived in Medellin just last month on August 20 to scout for locations. It’s due for release in January 2017.




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