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Please I Really Need Your Advice Before I Finally Go Crazy…

Please I Really Need Your Advice Before I Finally Go Crazy…


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Hello NgTrends,

My wife of 2years is finally pregnant now with our baby and it spans 4month as we speak. The problem I have now is that my wife farts uncontrollably everywhere, anywhere, anytime and almost every-time.

This has caused a big quarrel  between us and she keeps telling me she can’t control her anus anymore. This is crazy and baffling because I am seeing her in another light from what I knew her to be.

She farts while driving, while cooking,during meal on the dinning, whilst sleeping and the worst of all now is while we making love she farts smelly devilish things. I am up against the wall now because I do not know if I love my wife anymore! She has messed herself up with this happenings and she keeps telling me that the pregnancy has taken all the strength from her and she can not control her anus opening or closing as regards farts! Can you imagine the trauma this has caused in our marriage? Do pregnant women fart so much? What have I gotten myself into? 



I Am Ayex

The only reason I haven’t posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn’t trending is b’cos its not important :-)


  1. Bia nwokem go and sit down!!! It’s just farts, man TF UP!! Boa air freshener or smth. Me n complaining my fiancée is too stiff and never farts sef

  2. well mr somebody. I will not say I no Hw u feel cos I avnt experience it bfor, but I wanna ask u one question does she has dat issue bfor u met her or is it nw dat she’s pregnant? if it started with d pregnancy help her get thru it.take her to see a doctor she could have complications, pray abt it someone could be involved, donot b tired pls Ure all she got Nd even in her illness show her Luv beyond measures she will Neva forget it. stay strong

  3. lol.. as a medical student .. its all about the pregnancy. .. its a normal thing for pregnant women.. hope you take her for antenatal. . try and endue and always encourage her.. it helps

  4. Go to the hospital to know if it is the pregnancy that is affecting it, if the doctor says it is not the pregnancy. Pls there’s more to it,then it is beyond hospital. She needs u now than before. Pls show her love because I believe if she always fart like this before, you wouldn’t have married her and she can’t be doing it on purpose.

  5. U dnt hav to kill yha sef over it……itz jst a fart nd nufin x bro….sum pregnant women hav dia diff challenging…..some likes eating in a dust bill…sum rusty tins……

  6. What? Is this even a problem? Guy! Respect yourself cos it’s not like you are perfect. Let’s even think about who put her in that position… You! She is carrying your child. And Pls it’s just for nine months deal with it. If you are someone that snores, your wife will be dealing with it for a life time. Pls chill out and love your wife after all marriage is for better and for worse. This ain’t even close to being worse

  7. U should also realise dat she is more embarrassed dan u but Dere is nothing she can do. Love ur wife nd b a gud father 2 ur kid. Wen she has dat baby, u will laugh bout it.


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