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Please Advice Me 5 Years Of My Existence Is Crumbling…

Please Advice Me 5 Years Of My Existence Is Crumbling…


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Hello NGTrends,

My name is Pricillia, I am 25 years old, please I really need your advice because I am so confused on this. My boyfriend and I is been dating for the past 5years and I love him so much not until last night he confessed to me that our relationship was based on a bet and revenge.

He sent a message to me last night to tell me he wants us to be friends that he doesn’t deserve me, he said he started dating me last 5 years based on the fact that he wants to hurt and get back at his friend because he knows his friend really loves me and his friend cheated with his ex girlfriend.

He said he needs to clear his conscience because he is feeling really bad and he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore..

He is the only man I have been with my whole life, I have aborted twice  for him, I shared all I have with him, we go through thick and thin. It’s hurts me so much that 5 years of my existence is deceit and waste.

Now  he said he confessed because he wants a clear conscience and he is falling in love with me . Please good people I am lost and confused I really need your advice.

Thank you


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  1. In my opinion that’s a TURNING POINT. His turning point, if he’s actually convinced himself of repenting from hurting you or any other person. And you have to be convinced too that’s it’s not a change in his strategy of hurting, but real repentance. Then give him a second chance. After all the devil you’ve been with for 5 years could still be better off than the angel you do not know.

  2. Que Sera Sera, whatever is meant to be would be. U have to forgive him and move on with your life, though it might be difficult but I can bet it with u that you have found ur man; from his confession he said he’s falling in love with u, meaning revolution within his fake and deceitful 5years life. He might have been deceiving u for over 5years but if u can turn the hands of the game it will definitely be in ur favour and you will own him for the rest of ur life.
    Firstly, don’t change from the real u to someone else: while he was lying to u, u were honest and plain with him and that has changed his thoughts towards u in five years.
    Secondly, if he said he wants you to go let him be: if truly he’s falling in love with you as he claimed. The love he feels will be getting stronger, each day he wakes without ur text on his phone or ur missed calls; he will miss u and that will make the feeling become stronger in him.
    If he demands to see u, disapprove of it until u re finally convinced that he won’t last another day without seeing u but ensure its not a bedroom talk choose an open place for ur talks.
    Lastly, make ur self scarce until he comes to his knees to apologize for wasting ur time in the past then he will promise to be the real man for u. NOTE: if he follow all this steps with u, please don’t make him feel uncomfortable if u don’t wanna loose him. That’s why I said don’t change from real you,because within the real you lays what convinced him to fall in love with u. So changing from real you or getting back at him will make u lose him forever. This just my own view and I pray God heals ur wounds

  3. Thank God he’s falling in love with you. If u rilly love him too, there is no harm in giving him a second chance, but let him know how deeply you are hurt. All will be well

  4. I think he’s a changed man now. Since hr has confessed to u, just give him a second chance. Thank God he started loving u, the five years isn’t a waste after all. It will become a waste if he didn’t love u at all. God bless and mend ur broken heart.

  5. 4 him 2 confess means he wants something real. He will fight for it if dats wat he wants. U also have to be sure dat u can 4give nd 4get,if nt, it won’t work


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