Home News PHOTOs – Woman Raped While Trying to Sell Her Virginity
PHOTOs – Woman Raped While Trying to Sell Her Virginity

PHOTOs – Woman Raped While Trying to Sell Her Virginity


A young actress ended up being raped while trying to sell her virginity to a strange man she met online.  A 20-year old actress from Azerbaijan was willing to part with her virginity for $16,000 after she met a man online, Mikhail Dnistrian, 28 who was interested in the purchase.
They both negotiated and the actress offered to meet with him in the city of Perm, in central Russia after Dnistrian paid for her flight.
Event later took a new turn when she got there. It was reported that the man she went to see said he had changed his mind, and tried to force her to work as a prostitute.
She put up a resistance and was physically abused. She was coerced into taking erotic pictures after which the man raped her. She managed to escape by making a rope with sheets to let herself down from the third floor, but fell in the process, fracturing her hip.

Images of her alleged escape were taken by an eye-witness as the girl tried to clamber down the makeshift rope. The Police have arrested Dnistrian.

The woman told police she was on her own as both of her parents had died and she wanted to collect money to develop her acting career. Dnistrian’s girlfriend, who asked not to be named, admitted she was stunned after learning about the accusations, and claimed he had only ever been kind and gentle with her.

The court in Perm has said there are no plans for pursuing a case against her for prostitution or trying to sell her virginity and they are treating her as a victim.



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