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Mr. Bean Is 25 Years On Screen

Mr. Bean Is 25 Years On Screen


Mr Bean

Yay! Mr. Bean is 25 years on screen!

Rowan Atkinson, the actor who has gained fame for playing hilarious and lovable comedy character, Mr Bean celebrated the 25th anniversary of the character by taking Mr. Bean’s distinctive green and black mini for a spin around central London.

 Still performing the funny character well enough at 60, Atkinson was spotted outside Buckingham Palace, the traditional  home of Queen Elizabeth II with a 1976 British Leyland Mini 1000.

Atkinson marked the celebration by recreating a sketch from the show’s episode ‘Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean’. 

In that scene,  Mr Bean goes to do some shopping in the January sales and hilarity ensues when he lands himself some impressive bargains, namely the armchair, the mop, and several tins of paint. After tying the chair to the Mini’s roof, Mr. Bean stuffs the vehicle with the other things only to find that there was no space for him to get in.




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