In an unprecedented escape move, a man arrested in Cape Town allegedly shoved his faeces in a police officer’s mouth.

The police officer was seen opening the back door of the vehicle spitting and screaming, “Hy het op sy hand gekak en dit in my mond gedruk!” [He defecated onto his hand and pushed it in my mouth], news24 reported.

The suspect was not handcuffed when he jumped out of the police van and made the messy escape. It was not immediately established if the suspect was later apprehended.

Reports suggest that the practice has been used before and according to a Western Cape police officer, the move is actually a common tactic.

The issue has been discussed at a management meeting the police officer said.

“It is a very difficult situation and we said to our members that they have got to then restrict movement and make sure suspects are handcuffed from behind.”

“They also need to be careful for germs”.

Source: news24