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I Want To Be Sexually Harassed By Ladies – I Go Dye

I Want To Be Sexually Harassed By Ladies – I Go Dye


Francis Agoda, popularly known as I Go Dye is a top draw standup comedian who has seen it all and done it all when it comes to the bling-bling world of entertainment. It is rather impossible to count the top five in the business in Nigeria without him making the count.

So, it is inconceivable to imagine there is any form of celebrity emotion or moment there is that this humour merchant hasn’t experienced before.

Talk of standing ovation, he has seen more than enough of it. Talk of autographs, he must have signed a couple of hundreds in his career. But when we ran into the comedian recently at a show, we teased him with a number of questions, ranging from his brand of jokes to being embarrassed on stage and he didn’t disappoint as he responded to each teasing question as hilariously as it could be expected from a comedian of his calibre. He told us bluntly, that he had never been embarrassed on stage because `he is a person who doesn’t take life seriously and thus believes it would be nearly impossible for him to get embarassed because he would have seen it as another joke’.

But when it comes to embarrassment from the female fans, I go dye says he longs to be embarassed by such cadre of people.

“I always read it in the papers where celebrities say that female fans harass them, but I’m actually looking for the ladies that will come and harass me. I’m not running from them; in fact, I’m available. I’m the right person to harass and embarrass sexually,’ he said heartily.

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