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Exclusive Top 3 Hits From Black Tribe

Exclusive Top 3 Hits From Black Tribe


img3131Still speaking of Jamz from the past , permit me to help you flashback to when we all use to mime to Black Tribe , the duo of John Gill and Alpha Drone.

Black Tribe was formed in 1998 by Cacodaemon Doom Occulta (aka John Gill), and up until 2004 the band played extremely harsh experimental Black Metal.


After 2004 Alpha Drone was formed, and much of John Gill’s experimental energy was focused there, Black Tribe changed its outlook to simplistic old school Black Metal with a heavy leaning towards Punk and Thrash.

For those that do not remember these both, well i’m sure you will remember their songs which were massive hits, topping charts from wayback.. And be like, oh yeah where are they????

Even though they have been off the radar fror quite  a while now, they participated their quota in the then Nigerian entertainment circle..

Check out Out Top three from the group:

  1.  ‘Nino’ June 30th 2009, 10:46

2. ‘You’re The one’ November 2008

3. ‘Kia Kia’ 




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